Shamita Shetty Is A Pakka South Indian Who Prefers Rice. She Doesn’t Touch Wheat | Curly Tales

by Ananya Singh
Shamita Shetty Is A Pakka South Indian Who Prefers Rice. She Doesn’t Touch Wheat | Curly Tales

Bigg Boss season 15’s participant Shamita Shetty appeared as one of the finalists and won hearts with her directness and unfiltered attitude. In a Curly Tales Tere Gully Mein episode, the actress spoke her heart out with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-chief, about her journey in the film industry, her diet, travel stories and more!

Shamita Shetty Is A Pakka South Indian

Shamita Shetty opened up about her fitness and battle with depression in a candid chat with Kamiya Jani in this Curly Tales episode. During a fiery conversation, Kamiya asked her about her diet. The actress laughs her heart out at the irony of asking about diet while consuming junk food. She says, “I’m a big foodie, but my diet is rigorous because of my trainer. I actually weigh my food and eat. It’s very irritating for me, but I’ve noticed that it actually makes a difference.” She feels her food should change with changes in her body.

The most asked question about Shamita and Shilpa is, what do Shetty sisters eat to look the way they do? She answers, “Hum normal khana khaate hai. There’s nothing fancy.” The Mohabbatein actress relishes her homecooked chicken curry, rice and roti. Being a south Indian, she prefers rice the most. Shamita Shetty doesn’t even touch wheat! Her trainer and nutritionist allow binging once a week. For her, it’s not a junk day but a meal where she likes to eat a pizza or a pastry.

Which Is The Actress’s First Car?

Shamita Shetty
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When Shamita was in college, she travelled by train from Chembur to Sydenham College. However, by the time she joined SNDT, she had used to drive and go. The actress says, “By then, my dad had gifted me a Zen. A blue Zen. Otherwise, I used to commute via train.” She adds to it and remembers how she almost fell off a train. To know how that happened, read the article linked below!

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Watch the video linked above and get a sneak peek into the life of Shamita Shetty!

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