Sharjah Has A New Address For Drool-Worthy Dessert That Will Make You Ask For More

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah Has A New Address For Drool-Worthy Dessert That Will Make You Ask For More

My fellow chocoholics, it’s time to make room in your packed calendar, for chocolate-filled treats. Because this Sharjah dessert room is definitely going to be your new favourite go-to stop.    Your ideas about the dessert will change after seeing this location. Chocomelt in Sharjah is offering an array of drool-worthy desserts that would leave you wanting more. Shall we dig in?

Chocomelt Sharjah & It’s Chocolicious Affair!

True to its name, Chocomelt serves a range of melt-in-the-mouth desserts to its visitors. From aesthetically pleasing to delightful taste, Chocomelt is satisfying in every aspect. This location is a concept coffee shop and chocolate boutique that specialises in desserts, sweet snacks, and speciality coffee.

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What To Eat Here?


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The plethora of chocolaty dishes is going to leave you confused for sure. So the only simple way to get out of this situation is to get a group and order a lot of desserts together. If not you got to try them all one at a time which is a hard decision we know.

So to ease it out we can suggest you try Chocomelt’s, Baby Dynamite, Kunafa Cheesecake and brewed tiramisu. The first two come drizzled with chocolate sauce warm enough to melt your heart.

Apart from these masterpieces, Chocomelt also has coffees, cold beverages and flurry bowls for your sweet cravings. Bring your kids as they also offer a chocolaty kids menu with a range of small plates curated for the little ones.

Chocomelt has been serving at multiple destinations in the Middle East like Kuwait, UAE and Sharjah. So you can now visit any one of the nearby outlets if not in Sharjah to tame that chocolate craving. The Sharjah outlet has a very breezy atmosphere apart from the aroma of vanilla and chocolate in the air.

So be very Instagram-ready when you visit this Chocomelt Cafe in Sharjah.

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