Sharjah Impose New Tariff Amount On Single-Use Plastic Bags From Oct 1

single-use plastic
by Deeplata Garde
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The use of single-use plastic bags and other items will fall under banned products in Sharjah starting on January 1st, 2024. The statement was from the emirate’s executive council, announced on Tuesday. It comes after a comparable prohibition that was put into effect in Abu Dhabi earlier this year and Dubai. Beginning on October 1, retail establishments in the emirate must impose a 25-fil minimum fee on all single-use plastic bags.

Single Use Plastic Reduction In Emirates

The price in Dubai will be gradually assessed until single-use plastic bags are entirely outlawed in two years. This statement is according to the emirate’s executive council.

Since the implementation of the fee, consumers in the emirate have used plastic far less frequently.

single use plastic

Image Credits: The Science Explorer

This is a comparative figure to show how many single-use bags distribution happened before the introduction of the 25 fills ($0.07) charge on July 1.

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Raising Awareness About The Increased Tariff On Plastic

Customers should be aware of the levy and made aware of the harm that plastic trash does to the environment by businesses. The council will also push retailers to provide reusable items as a substitute for single-use bags. the switch can be of tote or canvas bags. From now until the complete ban takes effect, the council intends to gradually restrict the usage of single-use plastic items in Sharjah’s businesses and eateries.

It will create and launch awareness-raising. It also notifies instructional campaigns over the coming months of the significance of switching the material.

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