Abu Dhabi To Be Free Of Single Use Plastic By 2021

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Abu Dhabi To Be Free Of Single Use Plastic By 2021

The UAE is doing every bit to protect Mother Nature and now, Abu Dhabi has announced the ban of single use plastics by 2021. The capital has announced that it will gradually phase out disposable plastics, while putting new environmental policies in place. New regulations and fees will also be implemented to prepare for the move.

What’s It?

Soon, Abu Dhabi residents might not be able to use plastic cutlery like disposable plates and plastic straws. The capital has announced to ban the use of single use plastics by 2021. And that’s not all! A bottle-return scheme is also part of the new move. According to the scheme, residents will be compensated for returning used containers for recycling. The first phase of the new initiative will impose charges on residents for the usage of plastic bags and other disposable items.

Dr Shaikha Al Dhaheri, secretary general of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi said: “The launch of the single-use plastics policy reflects our commitment to a more sustainable economy that seeks to minimize waste and protect vital ecosystems in our environment.”

By bringing to effect the new ban, Abu Dhabi will join more than 127 countries that have already taken measures to ban or limit the use of disposable plastics. Over 13 million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans annually, affecting marine life. The issue is of grave concern as it poses a threat to our ecosystem as a whole. About 11 billion plastic bags are used annually in the UAE alone- that’s roughly 1,184 per person.

High time this came to an end!

What Else?

Soon, UAE residents will be able to dispose water bottles without causing an impact on the environment. Al Ain- a local water company has launched 100 per cent plastic-free, plant-based, disposable water bottles. The entire bottle, including the cap uses plant sources. The bottle is completely biodegradable and compostable within 80 days.

Credits: Ahlanlive.com

The bottles will be collected in dedicated biodegradable bins, and then recycled to make more bottles. You can find the new plant-based bottles in Abu Dhabi later this year.  Agthia Group (Al Ain’s parent company), will launch the eco-friendly bottles at hotels, airports and government offices. Besides, the eco-friendly bottles are manufactured with 60 per cent less energy as well as the best CO2 environmental footprint.