Sharjah Planetarium Has Opened Its Doors With A Revamped & Modernised Look

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah Planetarium Has Opened Its Doors With A Revamped & Modernised Look

It’s time to visit Sharjah Planetarium, the entrance to the universe’s darkest secrets and the sky’s brightest sights. Now that it has been updated, it is accessible to the public. After a successful inaugural ceremony, it’s time to reserve your tickets and invite space enthusiasts and newcomers to spark their curiosity.

Sharjah Planetarium Open For People Post Renovation

Sharjah’s Ruler, HH Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, inaugurated the Sharjah Planetarium at the Sharjah Academy for Space and Astronomy Science and Technology. The deputy ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, attended the ceremony as well. Quranic verses playing in the background during the opening event. The movie described the numerous changes that were implemented in the Planetarium. The dome’s various technological elements as well as the project’s leaders’ successes and difficulties were all on show.

A space and astronomy-related movie pleased the crowd and the Ruler of Sharjah. The talk went over the categorizations of the planets, stars, galaxies, and constellations in the solar system from an ancient and archaeological perspective.

The presentation displayed The International Space Station’s origins. They were along with the international cooperation that went into building it and the involvement of Emirati astronauts Sultan Al Neyadi and Hazzaa Al Mansouri in its research.

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What Recent Updates?

Sharjah Planetarium
Pic Creds: Sharjah Planetarium

The most significant programme improvements made to the Sharjah Planetarium were discussed by the director of the University of Sharjah. The high-quality control system, lighting, and audio equipment were all amplified. The entertainment component will now post updates and satisfy the needs of the public and students of all ages. This suggests that a number of meetings and space research events will take place in the planetarium in the near future.

The dignitaries in attendance at the opening ceremonies expressed their appreciation to all the businesses that helped fund the project. The address also mentioned the different university departments that made unceasing efforts, displayed quality, and exhibited inventiveness to ensure that the project would reach this degree of attainment and worldwide acclaim.

Are you planning to visit this revamped Sharjah Planetarium soon?

Cover Image Courtesy: Sharjah Planetarium