Sharjah’s Mleiha All Set To Get Greener; Sharjah Wheat Farm Over UAE Desert Is Expanding

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah’s Mleiha All Set To Get Greener; Sharjah Wheat Farm Over UAE Desert Is Expanding

Deserts are spread across UAE as far as your eye can see. Apart from the glamorous buildings and attractions, still, a huge portion of land in UAE is still covered in sand. But Sharjah turned this into a green land and we call it the wheat farm that was no less than a miracle. And now the Sharjah Ruler has announced the expansion of this miracle. The massive green carpet covering Sharjah’s Mleiha desert is set to expand fivefold in the coming years.

Sharjah Desert Is Getting Greener!

Over 400 hectares of the wheat farm had grown into a flourishing crop, yielding more than 200 tonnes of high-quality grain. And at this point, the Sharjah Ruler has issued orders to hasten the extension to 1,900 hectares.

The team responsible for the project claims that plans have already been made to increase the agricultural area by five times. This year, November is anticipated for seed sowing. The project’s first phase, a 400-hectare farm, produced high-quality wheat in March 2023.

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Initial Plan To Double The Farm Instead Of Fivefold

Phase 2 of the project, was originally intended to double the farm’s size by 2024. By 2025 (phase 3), the area would have undergone a 1,900-hectare transformation into a green oasis.

His Highness, nevertheless The ruler of Sharjah and member of the Supreme Council, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, had an alternative perspective. To combine the second and third phases, he gave the appropriate authorities instructions.

Sharjah’s Ruler is taking no risk in doing the best for this farm. Al Ain mills have been offered the contract to mill the wheat. Sharjah Authorities have trusted Al Ain mills to ensure the efficient processing and distribution of chemical-free wheat.

Even the selling process has been organised by the authorities. The contract to sell and market the wheat was given to the Sharjah Cooperative Society. The authorities recognize this society as a resourceful supplier of locally cultivated food.

The project is going to prove beneficial for society at large by making Sharjah greener. So let’s wait for updates regarding this green project coming to Sharjah.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images