4,500 Sharjah Workers Gather At Sajaa Labour Park To Relish Labour Community Iftar

by Deeplata Garde
4,500 Sharjah Workers Gather At Sajaa Labour Park To Relish Labour Community Iftar

Community Iftar is quite a renowned concept in the Middle East and India. While talking about the Middle East, UAE never fails to amaze us with its innovative campaign for public welfare. Sharjah recently took the initiative to host an Iftar gathering where thousands of labour were seen breaking their fast. The labour community gathered to relish Iftar at the Sajaa Labour Park.

Labour Community Iftar Hosted At Sajaa Labour Park, Sharjah

Iftar Sharjah
Pic Creds Wikimedia Commons

Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah arranged the community iftar for the working class in Sharjah at the Sajaa Labour Park. We all know many people travel to the other land for work purposes. They don’t get the provision of breaking their fast with their family and friends. For such people, community iftar’s are a relief. So to serve this purpose, LSDA hosted this event in Sharjah. This event has been held daily for labourers to break the fast every evening. Thousands of workers participated in the arranged iftar.

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4,500 Workers Attend Daily Iftar At This Sharjah Park

Iftar Sharjah
Pic Creds: FLICKR

In its Ramadan tents, where hundreds of employees break their fast each day, the authority has been hosting Iftar celebrations for Ramadan.

In the tents, which were hosted by the Department of Islamic Affairs in Sharjah, preachers and community police gave awareness talks in the languages of the workers. To provide workers with entertainment after a day of work without requiring them to abandon their neighbourhoods, the Labour Park in Sharjah’s Sajaa Industrial Area was established.

The area demonstrates Sharjah’s concern for the welfare of employees. In conjunction with the Dubai Charity Association and the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, a community project called “Ramadan Bazaar” was recently introduced with the goal of helping orphans in the United Arab Emirates. Apart from Ramadan celebrations, Sharjah’s Labour Standards Development Authority also hosted a sports event with cash trophies to award the winners. The event was inclusive of sports like Football, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and Cricket.

Multiple charities are also volunteering to help food reach the needy this Ramadan across UAE. So if you wish to donate this holy month, nothing better deed like it we say!

Cover Image Courtesy: LSDA