Sharjah’s Dawahi 11 Festival Kicks Off, Aims To Strengthen Familial Bonds Through Various Cultural Activities

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sharjah’s Dawahi 11 Festival Kicks Off, Aims To Strengthen Familial Bonds Through Various Cultural Activities

The Dawahi 11 festival in Sharjah is a community event that promotes family and social welfare. The main aim of this festival is to strengthen the bond between people in society with their families through various activities. The festival began on December 8 and will run until December 30. The event offers many cultural as well as family-oriented activities. 

Launch Of Sharjah’s Dawahi 11 Festival

H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, the deputy ruler of Sharjah, graced the launch of the Dawahi 11 Festival with his presence. The launch was organised by the Sharjah Districts and Villages Affairs Department in Al Nouf 1 Park in Sharjah. It also had a traditional Emirati performance and folklore performances from other countries.

The opening ceremony of the festival witnessed Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed exploring the entire festival. He visited the pavilions of government entities and also inquired about the various activities offered. After this, he headed towards Sharjah’s city municipalities to explore various interactive activities offered by them.

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Unique Activities Based On Public Ideas

This year, nine of Sharjah’s cities and regions, 46 productive families, and 50 government agencies are participating in the Dawahi 11 festival. The productive families have so much to offer, from local handicrafts to Emirati cuisine. They also have a rainy swing, snowy suburbs, and so much more entertainment to offer.

The chairman of the Sharjah Districts and Villages Affairs Department, Sheikh Majid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, said that this year’s activities are very unique. This is because they aren’t repeating any activities from the previous years. All the current activities are totally based on public suggestions and ideas.

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