Should You Pay Toll On A 12-Hour Return Journey? Here’s The Rule

by Shreya Ghosh
Should You Pay Toll On A 12-Hour Return Journey? Here’s The Rule

Whenever we need to search for any information, the first thing we do is rush to the Internet to read about it. Unfortunately, the answers to every question are not always correct as various social media platforms are full of fake news. Nowadays most of the news that we see on social media is unreliable even after being one of the most important sources of information. A very similar incident happened a few days before when a social media post went viral claiming that passengers traveling on any national highway on a 12-hour return journey will not have to pay toll tax anymore.

Fake News: You Don’t Have To Pay Toll On A Return Journey Of 12 Hours

Very recently, fake news spread on social media stating that there is no need to pay toll tax if people are doing the return journey within 12 hours. In fact, this piece of fake news went viral claiming that Nitin Gadkari directed this information. Nitin Gadkari is India’s Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways.

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The fact-checking department of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) came forward and answered all the questions and confusion regarding this piece of fake news going viral on social media. They took to their official Twitter account to state that the government has not issued any such rules. In fact, they also stated that this viral social media message is completely fake. Here is the post of PIB where they specified the news as fake.

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Here’s The Rule You Need To Know:

On 5 December 2008, the government issued the National Highways Fee Rules. And there are no such rules for not paying toll tax if the passenger returns back within 12 hours of the journey. This amount for travelling on national highways is collected from people according to the Central Government’s individual Notification published in the Official Gazette. The rules are pertinent for both publicly funded projects and privately funded projects.