Shraddha’s Post Birthday Celebrations in Prague & Kriti Sanon In Goa

by Akriti Seth
by Akriti Seth 135

The stalker who loves to travel just can’t help stalk our #Bollywood all the time. A part of me is so jealous of their lives and well, then I look at mine, it’s not much different.

So here we are with bollywood travel updates. Have fun with all the stalking at one and only –

1. Shraddha Kapoor in Prague for Post-birthday celebrations

Well, yes this innocent eyes and smiling face is in Prague away from the sun-and-sand of Mumbai.

Watch her beside the John Lennon Wall and smile. Always standing out of the crowd, isn’t she just so pretty?

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#TheLennonWall #Prague 🎼❤️

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That background music and this beautiful smile. Now, we know how she can melt our hearts so easily.

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With love from Prague ❤

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The streets of Prague must be feeling so lucky right now with one of the Kapoor girls there.

2. Ajay Devgan In Rajasthan

Meanwhile, my old crush Ajay Devgan is surely fighting sandstorms and making the temperature around him rise with his presence in Rajasthan. This does seem like a really short trip and I am sure the blue skies will miss you too, Ajay.

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Rajasthan sched wraps. Goodbye blue skies!

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3. Kriti Sanon In Goa

The titles gives it away but look at this super cute video of Kriti Sanon, all happy-bubbly about being in Goa. Oh Kriti, Goa does the same to us.

And yes, these are certainly such happy and victorious faces.

We are still in post-women’s day feels. You should so completely check this video out by her. So true and so much feels.

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Here we go again..! #HappyWhatever @ms.takenfashion

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This is not it. Stay tuned for more bollywood travel stories with your own #BollywoodStalker only on

Much love and lights, Ciao.

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