Shraddha’s Post Birthday Celebrations in Prague & Kriti Sanon In Goa

by Akriti Seth 1341

The stalker who loves to travel just can’t help stalk our #Bollywood all the time. A part of me is so jealous of their lives and well, then I look at mine, it’s not much different.

So here we are with bollywood travel updates. Have fun with all the stalking at one and only –

1. Shraddha Kapoor in Prague for Post-birthday celebrations

Well, yes this innocent eyes and smiling face is in Prague away from the sun-and-sand of Mumbai.

Watch her beside the John Lennon Wall and smile. Always standing out of the crowd, isn’t she just so pretty?

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#TheLennonWall #Prague ?❤️

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That background music and this beautiful smile. Now, we know how she can melt our hearts so easily.

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With love from Prague ❤

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The streets of Prague must be feeling so lucky right now with one of the Kapoor girls there.

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?????❤️ #BirthdayHoliday #FishBirthdays

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2. Ajay Devgan In Rajasthan

Meanwhile, my old crush Ajay Devgan is surely fighting sandstorms and making the temperature around him rise with his presence in Rajasthan. This does seem like a really short trip and I am sure the blue skies will miss you too, Ajay.

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Rajasthan sched wraps. Goodbye blue skies!

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3. Kriti Sanon In Goa

The titles gives it away but look at this super cute video of Kriti Sanon, all happy-bubbly about being in Goa. Oh Kriti, Goa does the same to us.

And yes, these are certainly such happy and victorious faces.

We are still in post-women’s day feels. You should so completely check this video out by her. So true and so much feels.

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Here we go again..! #HappyWhatever @ms.takenfashion

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This is not it. Stay tuned for more bollywood travel stories with your own #BollywoodStalker only on

Much love and lights, Ciao.

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