Shweta Rohira: How To Date Yourself #WomensDaySpecial

by Kamiya Jani
Shweta Rohira: How To Date Yourself #WomensDaySpecial

The Highs & Lows

Always known for her cheerful high spirits, one would have imagined Shweta Rohira go through a deeply disturbing experience post her separation with Actor, Pulkit Samrat. While the shock did wound her heart, Salman Khan’s Rakhi sister chose to go uphill rather than downhill.

On a Thursday afternoon, Shweta seems in a relaxed mood playing with her two dogs – Dollar & Bagheera. Acknowledging my canine fears, she agrees to restrict them to a room.

“I know how it feels. I jumped out of a window once for the same reasons. But today, I love them the most.” That did comfort me knowing how possessive dog owners are these days.

Chose Uphill Over Downhill

Having exchanged the customary greetings, I couldn’t help but ask her, “How do you manage to always look so calm?” With the ever so confident voice, she reverts,

My mother always told me that in tough times, you can either go in a cocoon and stays there with your lows OR gather all of yourself, confront people and move on. I chose the latter and that made it so easy.”

She continues, “I look at my separation as a death of a relationship. Exactly how I look at my father’s death. I did have a few unanswered questions for him but there is no way I can reach out to him. So I made peace with both these facts.” Shweta lost her father in 2006, the same year in which she met her ex-husband.

The relationship may have died but Shweta’s spirit never did. And that’s why she is a role model to many women who go through the heart-rending experience of a break up or a divorce.

Hey, woman, nothing should kill your spirit

  1. Get a new look 
  2. Make your bucket list DAILY. (She has even engraved a tattoo, ‘One Day At a Time’ on her nape.)
  3. Pick up a hobby. (Shweta is a Painter & a Graphologist. She has broken all records by analysing 18,000 signatures in just 3 days for a Pharma company)
  4. Travel (This one is our favourite too)
  5. Meet your old friends (Shweta has been socially very active post her separation)

    Shweta Rohira reiterates the fact that:

A woman’s true beauty lies in her confidence, her courage and her smile. Any other definition of beauty is futile.”

Learn how to date yourself!


Shweta Rohira : How To Date Yourself

Here's why Shweta Rohira is a role model to all the women who go through the heart-rending experience of a break up or a divorce #womensdayRead Full Story Here:

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