Six 10 Burger In Punjab Serves India’s BIGGEST Burger Weighing A Whopping 45 Kgs!

by Shreya Rathod
Six 10 Burger In Punjab Serves India’s BIGGEST Burger Weighing A Whopping 45 Kgs!

We have a special place for burgers. This is one of those comfort food options we won’t give up. Many people have tried different types of burgers. But this one will blow your mind. An eatery in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur has created one of the heaviest and largest burgers you will ever see. Let us see what this massive treat by Six 10 Burger is all about.

Six 10 Burgers Creates A Massive Burger

six 10 burger
Credits: Six 10 Burger/Facebook

The owner of the eatery, Burger Chachu, has created a humungous burger. It is made with five kilos of aloo tikki. Further, the burger has vegetables like jalapenos, corn, cucumber, bell pepper, pineapple, gherkins, tomatoes, and lettuce. Each of these constitutes up to half or one kilo. In addition to this, there are french fries, cheese slices, and sauces. There are three huge burger buns. When ready, the burger is nearly forty-five kilos, a giant one.

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The question is, how to eat it? The size of this burger is nothing like the ordinary ones we are used to. While it is not the first time anyone has created a giant version of food, this one is quite unique. The addition of so many vegetables and sauces makes it a treat. Based in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, the owner is known to make such massive treats. Earlier it was a sandwich.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Six 10 Burger/Facebook