Gourmet Food, A Giant Eco Tree & Delhi’s Best Cafes! Miracles Christmas Carnival In Gurgaon’s 32ND Avenue Is Back With A Grand Green Celebration!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Gourmet Food, A Giant Eco Tree & Delhi’s Best Cafes! Miracles Christmas Carnival In Gurgaon’s 32ND Avenue Is Back With A Grand Green Celebration!

Our Christmas calendar for 2019 is like a beautiful Christmas family tree and the star at its top is here. Plan your days people because you will not want to miss this one at any cost. Delhi NCR’s most lively carnival is just around the corner. The city’s most recent hangout spot has garnered a lot of love and attention from locals and by hosting this amazing festival they’ve won our hearts yet again. Gurgaon’s 32nd Avenue is a beautiful location with our best restaurants lined up in one place. Miracles Christmas Carnival is back for another year of Christmas cheer. Head To These Christmas Markets In Delhi For Food, Carols And Festive Feels!

What is it

Firstly, the location is perfect for events like these. The blue sky looks beautiful through yellow fairy lights that cover the whole place. There’s a garden on one side and Delhi NCR’s best restaurants on the other. The best part, restaurants participate too! Greenr, Piano Man and Loft By The Clock are some of our favourites there. In the previous editions of Miracles Christmas Carnival, they set up food stalls outside and carried on the festive offers inside. We’re excited to see what they bring to the table this year. These Indian Cities Are Known For Their Christmas Celebrations And Now We Know Why!

christmas carnival
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Christmas Carnivals are not complete without decorations and Christmas trees. Well, there’s no fall back in that category. This venue is perfect for overboard beautification and maximum festive feels. Even on normal days it’s decked up in lights and people strolling as if by the Eiffel tower on a winter night. We can’t wait to participate in the OTT festive fun when the city gathers around the coolest Christmas tree. A 30-ft-tall eco tree will be the centre of attention this year. In fact, Christmas is green this year instead of red with upcycled walkway elements and decorations.

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What’s more

Miracles Christmas Carnival is paradise for families and friends, both. There will be games, magic, music gigs, puppet shows, a flea market, revival craft workshops, movie screenings and what not! Most importantly, there will be food. Gourmet food stalls for every taste and flavour will display their best for Christmas at 32nd Avenue.

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Image Credit: PopUp72

Leave all your tasks behind and dedicate at least one day to experiencing Christmas at the city’s best. Christmas Carnivals are truly what Christmas is about, specially in Delhi NCR. You deserve a day off. Soak in some culture and get some insta- worthy pictures for your December feed!

When: December 21 – 22, 10 AM – 10 PM

Where: 32nd Avenue, NH 8, Sector 15 Part 2, Sector 15, Gurgaon

Entry: Free

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