Skip Bali And Visit These Scenic Islands In India For A Tropical Getaway

by Shreya Ghosh
Skip Bali And Visit These Scenic Islands In India For A Tropical Getaway

India has some of the most beautiful and unbelievable travel destinations globally. Anywhere from beaches to mountains to historical monuments to deserts, India has an array to offer to tourists from all over the world. Lazing around the beaches or maybe hanging in a hammock is the best part of travelling to islands while enjoying the most magnificent views. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket and travel to a foreign land to enjoy the exotic island life. Visit these scenic islands in India for your perfect tropical getaway.

1. Diu Island

Diu Island is the perfect destination if you want to laze, relax and also travel all around the city. This tiny island on the southern coast of Gujarat has some bygone Portuguese culture blended into it. The city is beautiful to stare at with tidy streets, colourful environment, stunning beaches, forts and so much more. Taking long walks around the city is absolutely worth it as it has so much for sightseeing. The Zampa Gateway is one of the must-sees in Diu. Diu Fort, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, St Paul’s Church, and Gangeshwar Temple should be on your itinerary while you are travelling to Diu.


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2. Havelock Island, Andaman

Havelock Island is the most scenic island in India by every means. If you are a beach lover and love the exotic vibe of being on an island, the perfect getaway location for you is Havelock Island.It has some of the most exotic and stunning beaches in the entire world. Nestled in the Andaman, tourists love Havelock for the picturesque views and out-of-the-world beaches. In fact, Havelock is the largest island in the Andaman and also one of the best coral islands in the country. Witnessing the clear blue waters meeting the glittering sands on the coast is a vision in itself. Also, you can enjoy the best scuba diving in India here.

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3. Chorao Island, Goa

When we are talking about beaches and islands in India, Goa is a mandate on that list. Chorao Island is the largest island of Goa and has flora and fauna everywhere in abundance. In fact, you can even witness mangrove trees on this island. Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Chorao has some Portuguese influence infused everywhere. This quaint island also is the home to the largest bird sanctuary in Goa.

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4. Lakshadweep Islands

The Lakshadweep islands are the most popular and travelled island clusters in India. With 36 palm-laden coral islands, Lakshadweep Islands are one of the most scenic islands in India. The deep turquoise water of the Arabian Sea and the serenity will make you feel the most rejuvenated. If you are an adventure lover, then this might just be the ideal travel destination for you. Tourists love to engage in adventurous activities like snorkeling and scuba diving here.


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5. Munroe Island, Kerala

Kerala has so many variations and iconic destinations that are nothing but a treat to the eyes. No wonder, why the city is called ‘God’s own country’. The 8-island cluster of Munroe Island is one of the must-visit destinations in Kerala. Munroe island is a mandate in everyone’s Keala itinerary. To witness the authenticity and culture of Keala, you have to visit here during the Onam festival. With Kallada Boat Race, narrow waterways, Jatayu Rock, and canal cruises, Munroes island is surely one of the most scenic islands in India.

So, which island are you visiting to beat the scorching heat and laze amidst nature? Also, if you are willing to travel away from everyone to some secluded tropical wonders, then this video is just perfect for you.