Snag Alcohol-Based Ice-creams From This Dainty Ice-cream Parlour In South Kolkata

Ice-cream Kolkata
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 2920

Ever tasted an alcoholic ice-cream? Not yet? We’ve found out a hidden place that serves Rum, Jack Daniels and Tequila flavoured ice-creams and they have already got the city peeps high! The cutesy ice-cream parlour is comfortably nestled in Paddapukur, Kolkata and it makes some utterly scrummy, truly Instagrammable ice-creams. The way they present their unique ice-cream variants will straightaway get your eyes bigger and you’ll end up screaming wow! Read on to know more.

Ice-cream Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/ Ice-O-Metry

Icy, Cottony Snow Cones And Rum Charcoal Treats For The Win

The dessert parlour in Paddapukur, Kolkata, Ice-O-Metry is a literal paradise for ice-cream lovers and has been winning hearts with its alcoholic and non-alcoholic ice-creams. Regulars here are a fan of their super fluffy, cotton-like Snow Cones, that resemble a candy frost.  Their Rum Charcoal ice-cream served in pretty cones, can put any other cold treat in stiff competition. Their JD infused tipsy cups and tipsy cones are also for the win. Think non-alcoholic flavours, you’ll love their Berrylicious, Mintolate and Vanilla with Oreo ice-creams. And ask about the best part, you can relish the frozen delights without hurting your pockets much. Also, here are 6 desserts other than rasgulla that you must try in Kolkata.

Ice-cream Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/ Ice-O-Metry

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The Cutesy, Instagrammable Ambience

Ice-O-Metry is a tiny shop on the lanes of Sarat Bose Road, opposite to Paddapukur. With white walls, framed photographs and day’s offers handwritten on an octagonal blackboard, the ambience of the place is extremely pleasing. It has rotating red chairs, where you can sit and pose with a gorgeous ice-cream with the Instaworthy walls in the backdrop.

Ice-cream Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/ Ice-O-Metry and The Food Montage

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So, if you plan to visit Kolkata ( or if you’re already staying in the city), don’t forget to hit up this joint in South Kolkata to get boozy on ice-creams. Meanwhile, Nahoum and Sons in Kolkata is a bakery that preserves Kolkata’s Jewish heritage:


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