So Far, Qatar & Saudi Arabia Are The Top 2 Most Visited Countries In The World In 2023

by Anupriya Mishra
So Far, Qatar & Saudi Arabia Are The Top 2 Most Visited Countries In The World In 2023

A lot of countries have bounced back in terms of tourism as compared to 2019. So, when talking in terms of tourism growth, recently United Nations World Tourism Organisation released a comprehensive list of countries that have performed the best for the months of January to July 2023. In the list of Middle Eastern nations, namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Jordan have performed exceptionally. With an increase in international tourist arrivals, here is a look at the top 20 names!

Best Performing Destinations According To UNWTO

According to a ranking released by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, Qatar was the top international destinations in the world from the months of January to July in 2023. It has seen a massive increase of tourists by 95%, as compared to the 2019 figures. Moreover, Saudi Arabia also closely followed this country, with an increase of 58% which put this nation at the second spot.

On the ninth spot is Jordan with a 23% improvement in terms of international tourist arrivals, as compared to 2019. As a result, it’s not difficult to summarise that Middle Eastern has managed to make space for itself in the top 20 Best Performing Destinations, in the given period. However, it’s also worth mentioning that Oman has performed well in terms of international tourist arrivals by snagging the 18th rank with a 14% increase.

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Take A Look At The Top 20 Names!

Riyadh Expat Salary Saudi Arabia
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This development is hardly surprising, as the nations in the GCC offer a multitude of experiences for travellers, making these destinations a top choice among tourists. Moreover, other nations have performed quite well, and if you’re wondering about the top 20 Best Performing Destinations, here’s the entire list for you to see –

  1. Qatar -95%
  2. Saudi Arabia – 58%
  3. Albania – 56%
  4. El Salvador – 32%
  5. Andorra – 31%
  6. Armenia – 30%
  7. Ethiopia – 28%
  8. Colombia – 23%
  9. Jordan – 23%
  10. US Virgin Islands – 22%
  11. Tanzania – 19%
  12. Liechtenstein – 19%
  13. Curacao – 18%
  14. Honduras – 18%
  15. Dominican Republic – 17%
  16. Sabia – 17%
  17. Morocco – 15%
  18. Oman – 14%
  19. Montenegro – 14%
  20. Iceland – 13%

So, with the entire list disclosed, what do you think about this development? Make sure to share this brilliant news with your friends.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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