Sold For Dh3.82Milllion, Dubai Auction Sets New Record With AA70 License Plate

by Deeplata Garde
Sold For Dh3.82Milllion, Dubai Auction Sets New Record With AA70 License Plate

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently directed an auction of distinctive vehicle number plates. It showcased a remarkable collection that had enthusiasts and collectors alike competing for the most coveted plates. Among the stars of the night was the AA70 plate. It took centre stage by fetching an impressive Dh3.82 million.

AA70 Wins The Race!

This auction, held on a Saturday evening, managed to raise a staggering Dh50 million in total. In a fierce competition for exclusivity, the AA70 plate outshone its 89 peers.

The recent auction was headlined by the remarkable AA70 plate. It serves as a prime example of the appeal these distinctive plates hold. The Dh3.82 million price tag it commanded reflects the passion and willingness of individuals to own a unique piece of Dubai’s automotive history. This particular plate, bearing the AA prefix, holds a special significance as it denotes its exclusivity within the licensing system.

However, the AA70 plate was not the sole star of the evening. The X7777 plate, while falling just short of the AA70’s record, still managed to secure a substantial Dh3.8 million. This keen competition among bidders showcases the desirability and value placed on these distinctive plates.

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Why Are These Car Plate Auctions So Famous In Dubai?

Such events have become a hallmark of Dubai’s high-end automotive culture. Distinctive plates hold immense value and prestige in these auctions.

The RTA’s periodic auctions of distinctive vehicle number plates have become a much-anticipated affair. It attracts both local and international attention. These plates are not just functional identifiers but symbols of prestige and luxury. They are often sought after by collectors and car enthusiasts who are willing to invest substantial sums into this. It’s not uncommon for these auctions to witness fierce bidding wars. Some plates fetch astonishing amounts in the millions of dirhams.

The popularity of such auctions underscores the uniqueness of Dubai’s automotive culture, where luxury and individuality are paramount. These plates represent more than just registration numbers; they are statements of identity and status, making each auction a captivating spectacle of extravagance and exclusivity.

As Dubai’s high-end automotive culture continues to evolve, it’s safe to assume that future auctions will showcase even more remarkable and valuable plates.

Where: Intercontinental Dubai Festival City
When: September 2nd

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai RTA