Soon There Would Be A 3D Printed Mosque Built In The Bur Dubai Neighborhood

by Deeplata Garde
Soon There Would Be A 3D Printed Mosque Built In The Bur Dubai Neighborhood

The futuristic city of Dubai has proven its high calibre by creating infrastructure that has advanced tech incorporated. Similar to them, a recent development is on cards for the Emirates. The Bur Dubai neighbourhood will soon be home to a unique mosque. Why unique? Because it’s going to be the World’s first 3d printed mosque. Let’s check out the details of this upcoming structure.

3D Printed Mosque In Dubai

After revealing the plan of creating the largest 3D-printed mosque ever, Dubai is laying the groundwork for the development of its construction field. The 2,000 square metre mosque in Bur Dubai will begin building in October and will finish by early 2025, accommodating 600 worshippers.

The building’s construction will be 3D printed in around four months, and it will take an additional 12 months to properly equip it with the necessary amenities. Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) announced the news.

The 3D robotic printer, which can print two square metres every hour, will need three people to operate.

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The Project To Be Built Under The Supervision Of The Ruler Of Dubai

Pic Creds: Media Library

The project translates His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s, Ruler of Dubai’s vision for the advancement of the Emirate of Dubai on the ground.

The ultimate goal of using 3d printers instead of human labour is to reduce the cost and duration of the project. This will be progressing growth and metrics of global standing and protecting the environment by lowering the proportion of waste.

Given that it is a pioneering project of its kind, expect the cost of this mosque will be 30% higher than the cost of comparable structures. However, prices will progressively decline. As a result of the lessons learned from the execution of this mosque, with structure will stand guaranteed for 30 years.

What is your take on 3d Printed structures?

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