Soon Travel From India To UAE On Ship With 200kg Baggage Limit, 3-Day Travel Time & More

by Deeplata Garde
Soon Travel From India To UAE On Ship With 200kg Baggage Limit, 3-Day Travel Time & More

UAE is covered with the Indian population that are settled in the country due to work and other reasons Travelling back and forth to India can be a pricey affair for the Indian expat in UAE. So cut on the budget, here is a groundbreaking development for the Indian expatriate community residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The plans are underway for the launch of a novel passenger ship service in 2023. This innovative venture will link the UAE and the picturesque southern Indian state of Kerala. It’s a promising exceptionally convenient and economically viable travel option.

An Affordable Travel Solution

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Anticipated ticket prices for this passenger ship service are set to fall within the Dh442 (Rs10,000) to Dh663 (Rs15,000) range. It is dependent upon the chosen travel duration. This pricing strategy will certainly deliver a wallet-friendly alternative to air travel. Particularly for individuals frequently commuting between these two nations.

The passenger ship is slated to complete its voyage between the UAE and India in a leisurely three days. With a spacious capacity of accommodating up to 1,250 passengers simultaneously, it assures a comfortable voyage. The ship’s current itinerary includes stops at two destinations: Kochi and Beypore. Plans are in motion to expand its route to incorporate a third location, Vizhinjam.

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Liberal Baggage Provisions For This UAE-India Ship

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A standout feature of this service is its remarkably generous baggage allowance. Travellers will be permitted to transport up to 200kg of personal belongings during their voyage. This substantial increase in baggage capacity, in contrast to the customary limitations imposed by airlines, makes it an alluring choice for those requiring transporting substantial quantities of goods or personal products.

This ambitious project is jointly led by the Sharjah Indian Association, in collaboration with the esteemed private enterprise, Ananthapuri Shipping and Logistics Private Limited. The initiative enjoys the resolute support of the Kerala government and the Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA). They are scheduling operations to commence before the December school break, marking a significant milestone in the timeline of this endeavour.

In summary, the impending launch of this passenger ship service represents a momentous step in strengthening the bonds between the UAE and India. Providing an economical and hassle-free travel option complete with a liberal baggage allowance, will revolutionise the travel experiences of countless Indian expatriates residing in the UAE.

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