Soon, Whatsapp Might Not Let You Forward Messages

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Soon, Whatsapp Might Not Let You Forward Messages

Under 140 Characters 

Whatsapp has now invented a new feature which will prevent users from sending frequent forwards. The new option will be available in group settings and will be visible only to the admins. 

What’s It?

Ask anyone and they definitely will tell you what a pain WhatsApp forwards can be. Apart from being meaningless at times, they also occupy truckloads of space on the phone. But, the Facebook-owned company has now found a resolve for this.

In an attempt to stop users from forwarding fake messages, Whatsapp is now testing a new feature that will no longer permit users to forward messages. The new feature will help track the number of times a message has been forwarded. However, the Forwarding info and forwarding frequency features are not available yet. The company is currently the beta version of the feature for Android.

The option will be available in Whatsapp’s group setting and will be visible only to the group admin. Once the feature is enabled, users will no longer be able to send frequently forwarded messages to that group. A frequently forwarded message is one which has been forwarded more than five times.

However, the forward can be copied as a new message and sent to others.

What Else?

Whatsapp has introduced a new privacy setting feature. Get into one of your Whatsapp groups and check under the privacy menu. Three new options- Nobody’, ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Everyone’will appear. Read the full story here.