South Korean Purple Islands Are Covered In Stunning Blankets Of Lavender Flowers

by Sanjana Shenoy
South Korean Purple Islands Are Covered In Stunning Blankets Of Lavender Flowers

Popularly called Purple Islands, Banwol and Bakji Islands of South Korea are covered in blankets of flowers that are all shades purple. If purple is your favourite colour, then there can’t be a better place to plan a vacation than these gorgeous islands. Right from the bridges, houses to the clothes that people wear, you’d be surrounded by different hues of purple. Here’s everything you need to know about these South Korean islands, blooming with lavender flowers and fields.

Banwol and Bakji Islands In South Korea Are Bathed In Purple Colour

South Korea‘s Banwol and Bakji Islands are all things purple. The native balloon flower is the inspiration behind these tiny themed islands also known as “Purple Islands”. The island filled with lavender and aster flowers has become a prominent tourist attraction over the years. Bathed in purple, you can witness blankets of lavender coloured flowers all across the island during the blooming season. Infact, to match the purple flowers, locals have painted the roads, bridges and even houses into different shades of purple. People also dress up in purple clothes as they walk along the paths or work at the lavender fields.

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Lavender Fields, Aster Flowers, Purple Bridges, Violet Houses…

Shin Deok-im, a villager has lived over 60 years on Bakji island. He stated to Reuters,  “Old people like us have a secluded life here since all the young people left the town.“I’m glad to see young people and kids visiting to see our town. They are all like my grandchildren.” These charming Purple Islands have just over a hundred residents. The government picked these places for a tourism project. , Shinan county invested 4.8 billion won ($4.25 million) to transform the islands into purple themed ones. This includes painting over 28,000 square metres of roofs into lilac colour.

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People Wear Purple Clothes & Restaurants Serve Purple Rice On Purple Plates

And it’s not just the roofs, bridges and houses that are lavender in colour. The restaurants and cafes here offer you purple rice and food on purple plates.  88-year-old resident Jung Soon-shim informs Reuters, “Every morning I dress up in purple from head to toe, even including my underwear and shoes, and that makes me happy.” Tourists can walk across purple bridges, take Insta-Worthy pictures at the lavender fields, gorge on purple rice and even sit on purple benches decorated with the ‘I purple you’ slogan.  K-pop band BTS’ member Kim Tae-Hyung, made this slogan popular. It means ‘I trust, love and support you.’ If you need more reasons to visit South Korea, then here are some things you need to know.