South Korea’s First & Biggest Sex Festival Cancelled This Year Due To THIS Reason

South Korea's first sex festival has been called off. Here's why.

by Shreya Ghosh
South Korea’s First & Biggest Sex Festival Cancelled This Year Due To THIS Reason

South Korea was about to host the country’s biggest and first-ever sex festival. News about the adult event hosted in Seoul broke out globally. However, looks like the plans to conduct it have changed completely. The much-talked-about sex festival in South Korea has now been called off. Preparations were going on to organise the first of its kind event in Seoul but it was cancelled only a day before the final date.

Why Did South Korea Cancel Its Biggest Sex Festival All Of A Sudden?

South Korea Sex Festival
Picture credit- Instagram/ 플레이조커 (@playjoker_official)

The ‘2024 KXF The Fashion’ adult festival was supposed to be the first time when an event like this was planned to be hosted in the conservative surroundings of South Korea’s Seoul. As per several reports, many Japanese porn stars were going to be present at an exhibition hall in Suwon for their performances. There were lineups of events and activities to check out, starting from dances to adult games. However, all the plans have been called off now.

Hundreds and thousands of visitors were likely to travel to Seoul to attend the sex festival and watch and meet the Japanese porn stars, play the activities, and even explore the showcasing of sex toys. The proposed sex festival in South Korea had ideas to host fashion shows and give autographs to the fans as well. According to a report by The Korea Herald, it was the organisers who cancelled the event citing safety concerns as the major issue at the venue.

Many people know about South Korea’s point of view towards the adult film industry. In this country, a festival like the ‘2024 KXF The Fashion’ was likely to receive backlash and flak from everyone. Hundreds and thousands protested against the first and biggest sex festival in South Korea.

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Who Opposed The Event?

South Korea Sex Festival
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Local authorities were against the sex festival and called it morally harmful as well. The organising team had to look out for places to host the event as getting permission was an impossible task. According to a report by Daily Mail, a Korean women’s group raised voices against the event too. It took a long time for the orgainsers to finalise a venue. However, the agents of the porn stars informed later about the actresses not taking part in the festival. They were fearful of all the protests, backlash, objections, and a probable attack.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ 플레이조커 (@playjoker_official)

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