Spend A Day Out At This Rustic Village Near Bengaluru

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    Experience a rustic village like life at this eco-resort and rediscover your roots while you’re in touch with the rural life of India.

    What Is It?

    This eco-resort promises a balance of rural and quaint life of most Indian villages, located in Hesarghatta which is 90 minutes away from Bengaluru. Take a break from the hectic life and head straight to this resort that lets you unwind amidst nature, reconnect to your roots and feel the rustic laid-back life of a South-Indian village.

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    What’s In It?

    Take a jump into the natural pond, stroll in the trails of a farmland, get yourself a hobby like pottery, rangoli and flower design, spend some quality time with yourself away from the city enjoying fresh breeze in your face on a bullock cart ride.

    Let countryside living guide you into living a simple life away from the chaos of an urban life. The resort maintains a 100 percent eco-friendly approach where they celebrate the blend of nature’s beauty along with an amazing hospitality.

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    You can even go on an adventure on a bicycle ride or out on a nature walk exploring the countryside wilderness.


    To know more about packages and make bookings click here.

    AddressHessarghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560088
    Phone: 080 4510 4530
    Cost: ₹5,000 (Approx.)


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    Yashasvi Shaktawat
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