SpiceJet Flight Mum-Kol Delayed For 4 Hrs; Passenger Shares Her Worst Travel Experience!

by Shreya Rathod
SpiceJet Flight Mum-Kol Delayed For 4 Hrs; Passenger Shares Her Worst Travel Experience!

In a recent incident, the SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Kolkata was delayed. This is the second case in less than a month. A passenger who was boarding the flight shared her worst travel experience. Here’s what happened at Mumbai airport and with the SpiceJet passengers.

SpiceJet Flight Delayed By 4 Hours!

spicejet flight
Credits: @thatsupergigglegirl/ Instagram

A SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Kolkata was supposed to depart at 9:45 am today. The boarding time was supposed to be 9:15 am. After standing for 10 minutes in the queue for boarding, passengers started getting messages and emails stating that the flight was delayed by 4 hours! And just like that, the departure was pushed to 1:45 pm.

We reached out to one of the passengers, Lahari Bose, who also works in the aviation industry, about the status of the flight. She confirmed the delay and, according to her Instagram story, which we shared with her permission, passengers were waiting since early morning and were too tired to argue with the airline staff. It further stated that there were medical passengers who scheduled appointments and others who were shouting at the gate.

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She shared her experience by stating that she felt like a real passenger today and she can relate to how passengers feel every time the flight gets delayed and they are informed at the last moment. She also revealed that the airline hasn’t provided any apology whatsoever. In fact, travelling by SpiceJet is a big “no” from her side.

Another Flight Delay Incident In August

spicejet flight
Credits: Wikimedia

On August 28, an unexpected incident happened to travellers at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. At 9:55 AM, a SpiceJet flight was supposed to leave the airport for Pune. Unfortunately, there was a significant delay, and it finally took off in the afternoon, about six hours late. The wait for this SpiceJet flight to take off was a terrible experience for the passengers.

At Delhi Airport Terminal 3, all of the stranded travellers were waiting. As usual, travellers started arriving at the airport before the scheduled time. Everyone was irritated by the delay in addition to the hours spent waiting for the flight before the scheduled departure time. Hundreds of passengers shouted and demanded answers after the delay three times, which resulted in an approximately six-hour wait.

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Many travellers even turned to social media sites to vent about their horrible journeys and how the airline had abandoned them all in dismay with no explanations.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & @thatsupergigglegirl/ Instagram