SpiceJet Tops List Of Most Delayed Indian Airlines In May; What About 7 Other Airlines?

by Shreya Shriyan
SpiceJet Tops List Of Most Delayed Indian Airlines In May; What About 7 Other Airlines?

From the epic tales of endless boarding gate announcements to the dance of frustration as departure times shift, Here’s how SpiceJet has managed to top the list of Most Delayed Indian Airlines. But wait, Spicejet is not the only one. Read on and find out who topped the chart at number 2. 

SpiceJet Tops List Of Most Delayed Indian Airlines

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SpiceJet Ltd which is currently facing financial challenges, has the highest number of flight disruptions among Indian airlines. This is despite India being the world’s fastest-growing aviation market. 

During the bustling summer travel season, only 61% of SpiceJet’s flights departed on time from the country’s major airports in May, namely Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. This is in accordance with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

SpiceJet, which is currently operating approximately 250 flights per day, is one of many airlines facing these challenges. Air India, the second-largest carrier in the country is also experiencing a significant decline in punctuality rankings.

It came in second place on the list of most delayed Indian flights. In May, the airline encountered almost twice as many flight delays compared to the previous month.

SpiceJet’s declining punctuality is closely intertwined with its financial struggles. The airline has faced four consecutive years of losses, amounting to a staggering $40 billion. 

The airline’s delayed release of its latest fiscal year results only adds to the uncertainty. By the end of May, over two dozen of SpiceJet’s aircraft were grounded.

This is leading to a sharp decline in its market share from 7.3% at the beginning of the year to 5.4%.

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Air India Replaces Spicejet In June-July For Most Delayed Airline

Spicejet Tops List Of Most Delayed Indian Airlines In May; What About 6 Other Airlines?
Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Civil Aviation’s Website

As per the data available on the Civil Aviation website for the month of July, Air India has claimed the top place. Air India reported a percentage of only 72% punctual flights. Whereas Spicejet came in at number 2 with 77%. 

The current list of Indian airlines from least to most punctual stands as follows: 

  • Air India – 72%
  • SpiceJet – 77.6%
  • Go First – 83%
  • Akasa Air – 88.5%
  • Vistara – 90.2%
  • IndiGo – 90.4%
  • Air Asia India – 91.7%

In conclusion, the prevalence of frequent flight delays serves as a stark reminder of the hurdles faced in India’s fiercely competitive aviation market. As the school holidays in May and June triggered a surge in travel, airlines grappled to maintain punctuality.

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