Stargazers Head Out To Catch A Glimpse Of The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse On Tuesday

by Deeplata Garde
Stargazers Head Out To Catch A Glimpse Of The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse On Tuesday

A total lunar eclipse also known as a Blood Moon can be viewed on November 8th 2022. The viewers can see a total lunar eclipse, which will occur days after a partial solar eclipse in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE, however, will only see a partial eclipse for 23 minutes. This blood moon is an entire worldwide eclipse, which will last from 2:16 pm to 3:41 pm GST.

What Is This Total Lunar Eclipse Phenomenon?

The phenomenon takes place when the planet Earth, the Sun and the Moon are lined up in a linear position. When the Moon enters Earth’s shadow it creates a lunar eclipse. So when the lunar eclipse happens, the entire Moon is consumed in the umbra. Umbra is basically the region of Earth’s shadow that is the darkest. The Moon turns into crimson colour when it slides inside the umbra. Due to this phenomenon, they are frequently mentioned as Blood Moons.

This Blood Moon is the last one and the following similar incident will take place on March 14, 2025.

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Where To Watch Blood Moon In UAE?

According to the space agency authorities, telescopes or any other equipment aren’t necessary to view this Blood Moon. But it will surely enhance the viewing experience and visible red colour. Here’s the list of spots from where you can gaze at the total lunar eclipse in UAE.

  1. Sharjah Center for Astronomy
  2. Burj Khalifa
  3. Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, Dubai
  4. Jebel Jais Observation Deck
  5. You can view it live online

So stargazers, assemble at these spots to watch Blood Moon in UAE.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library