Stay In Mud-Brick Homestays & Reconnect With Nature At This Solar-Powered Jungle Farmstay In MP

by Mallika Khurana
Stay In Mud-Brick Homestays & Reconnect With Nature At This Solar-Powered Jungle Farmstay In MP

Nestled in the enchanting realm of Kanha National Park, the Kamp Kamouflage Kanha Jungle Farmstay offers a distinctive and eco-friendly getaway for nature enthusiasts. This jungle farmstay stands as a testament to sustainable living, seamlessly blending with its surroundings and providing an off-the-grid experience that embraces the simplicity of life amidst the wilderness. This jungle farmstay stands as a solar-powered haven, embracing the ethos of simple living in harmony with nature. 

Immerse Yourself In Nature At Kamp Kamouflage

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With its roots in local traditions, this farmstay offers a unique escapade that appeals to those seeking an authentic encounter with the wilderness. The property features four family rooms, thoughtfully distributed between the main Homestay Makaan and two spacious Huts. With the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 12 people, the farmstay provides an intimate and serene atmosphere.

At Kamp Kamouflage, the ethos of eco-consciousness is evident in every facet. Constructed using mud and bricks, the main homestay, Makaan, embodies the traditional architectural style. The property encompasses almost four acres of lush forest land, capturing the essence of Kanha’s diverse landscape. All rooms are equipped with western toilet systems and desert coolers, creating a cosy and refreshing ambiance.

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Choose A Sustainable Getaway Amidst Kanha’s Beauty

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The heart of Kamp Kamouflage is its open-plan kitchen and dining area. You will be invited to witness the preparation of fresh and delectable dishes, and even try their hand at cooking. The menu is a reflection of local and global tastes, serving breakfasts like Kande Poha and Aloo Parantha. This eco-friendly haven offers a truly distinctive experience, where the rustic elegance of mud-brick architecture blends seamlessly with the wild surroundings.

The farmstay is also a pioneer in sustainability, running entirely on solar power with a backup diesel generator. The property’s water supply is self-sufficient, with a bore well equipped with a hand pump. This place is not just a place to stay; it’s an immersion into the natural world. The property also boasts over 200 trees of different varieties, along with an assortment of grasses and shrubs. 

Kamp Kamouflage Kanha Jungle Farmstay offers a great experience that celebrates the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life.

Where: Village Parsatola, Gram, Sarekha, Madhya Pradesh
Check-in: Self check-in with staff
Cost: ₹1,800/night

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Airbnb