Stay In These 5 Tree Houses Near Bengaluru For Your Next Getaway

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Stay In These 5 Tree Houses Near Bengaluru For Your Next Getaway

Are you one of those people who as a child was fascinated living in a treehouse? A treehouse situated on the branches high above the trunk and covered in a thick green canopy of greenery. As beautiful and serene this experience seems to be, the more it is. Living in a treehouse, near to mother nature can be the best getaway one can ask for away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So if you are in Bengaluru, check these treehouses.

1. The Urban Eco-Living

The comfort of this stunning tree home and mud house is uncompromised. The tranquil home offers you a serene haven in the midst of the hectic city life. The branches that are spread across the room give the ‘in the woods’ vibes and feel surreal. The 3 things here that add meaning to its name re the waste management, composting and energy saving. 

Pic Credits: Ecoplore

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2. Nature Zone Resorts

Located at the highest point in Munnar, amidst evergreen mountains, Nature Zone Resorts  offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. These treehouses have a dramatic sense to them and are built on real trees. Your front entrance is reached via long, curving wooden walks that are also above ground, and inside, floor to ceiling windows provide a 360-degree view of everything outside. 

Pic Credits: Agoda

3. Safari Land Resorts

Safari Land Resorts is a beautiful tree resort and has so much to offer. They have various types of rooms for you to choose from according to the number and preference. Watching the beautiful rain and the looming Nilgiris as you sip on some hot coffee from here is an unmatched experience. A brook that is babbling runs along the stilts on which the homes are built.

Pic Credits: LBB

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4. Vanya Greenwoods Resort

Vanya treehouse is more of an experience than anything. You have to actually trek a hill to reach the treehouse which stands alone. You’ll truly be in the cradle of nature because the structure is perched on a single tree around 18 feet above the ground. It even softly sways when there are high winds. 

Pic Credits: Greenwoods

5. Vythiri Resort

Because it is right in the middle of Wayanad, this luxurious eco-friendly forest getaway is loved by many. Spend lavishly and choose the family treehouse, which has two floors of enviable living space and a tree that runs directly through the living room. The lush greenery around is enough to take your breath away. 

Pic Credits: Vythiri resort

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