Strawberry Biryani Eaten With Bread-Butter Has The Internet Aghast; Vlogger Calls It ‘Hate Crime’

by Sanjana Shenoy
Strawberry Biryani Eaten With Bread-Butter Has The Internet Aghast; Vlogger Calls It ‘Hate Crime’

Biryani is sacred. It’s sacrosanct. So, when food bloggers attempt to create blasphemous biryani food trends, the Internet neither forgives nor forgets. Recently, we covered a Biryani Pasta recipe. And now it just gets worse. A British man recently prepared Strawberry Biryani and made sure the Internet sees the making, which is quite a torture BTW!

There’s A Strawberry Biryani Video On The Internet

Video Creator, Pushpek Sidhu( @pushpeksidhu) shared a reel of his reaction to a Strawberry Biryani video. Apparently, a British man cooked biryani and added strawberries to it. He captioned his reaction video by clearly stating that’s not how one prepares biryani. In the video, the British vlogger gets the first step wrong itself — he chops strawberries.


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Then, to make matters worse, he adds the cut strawberries, chicken pieces and sliced onions to boiling water. Next, he adds some turmeric. He revealed that the only spice he can handle is turmeric. For this, Pushpek Sidhu wonders why the British colonised India for years only to use just one spice in their cooking. He also adds rice. The man stirs the pot with chicken, strawberries, rice and onion boiling in turmeric water for 10 minutes.

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Then, he adds the mixture to a “clean white plate”. And suggests his followers enjoy the Strawberry Biryani with… wait for it.. white bread with a bit of butter on it. “That is a banging grub”, says the man who just added strawberries to biryani. For this, Pushpek Sidhu screams from his screen “That’s a hate crime innit?”

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Netizens Call It A “Food Crime”

strawberry biryani

As expected, Netizens were in a fury. One commented that British people mustn’t be allowed to cook. Another added that this person must be immediately taken to jail. Yet another Instagrammer called it a “food crime”. Netizens even wondered if he cooked this blasphemy just to troll an entire subcontinent. Taking inspiration from the Vikram-starrer Aparichit, someone commented that there is a good punishment in the Garud Puran for such crimes.

Folks, what do you think about this offensive Strawberry Biryani? Are you seething in anger like us?

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