Street Food Alert: Pune Has A Samosa Pav That You Cannot Get Enough Of!

by Tooba Shaikh
Street Food Alert: Pune Has A Samosa Pav That You Cannot Get Enough Of!

Samosa Pav is one of the most convenient and delicious snacks of all time. Punekars now have access to a brand-new variation of this much-beloved snack. Chaturshingi Mata Snacks Centre in Erandwane, Pune is putting its innovative spin on the traditional samosa pav. Trust us, this place will have you hooked! If you’re looking for delicious and inexpensive new snacks in Pune, this is where you need to be. Food so good, you’ll keep coming back for more!

Scrumptious New Samosa Pav At Chaturshingi Mata Snacks Centre

This brand-new type of samosa pav in Pune is all set to blow your taste buds away. With delicious ingredients that have a variety of textures, this samosa pav is a godsend. The establishment where you can enjoy this delicious dish is a humble joint that serves a host of other delicious snacks.

Head down to this place whenever you’re craving a cheap street food snack that is also filling. The samosa has a delicious and crunchy exterior with hot and spicy potato filling on the inside. It is fried till it is crispy and golden brown and served on a bed of mayonnaise, chutney, sev, and cheese inside a pan-fried pav.

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Inexpensive Food With Great Taste

samosa pav
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This samosa pav is a confluence of different textures. The pav adds a soft and slightly chewy texture which perfectly complements the crunchiness of the sev and samosa crust. The potatoes inside provide a burst of flavour that is unmatchable. It’s not just a samosa pav, it is a culinary experience.

Chaturshingi Mata Snacks Centre in Pune might look like just any other eatery, however, it is great if what you are looking for is quick, cheap and tasty food. It specialises in breakfast items but other kinds of dishes, too, are really good. The samosa will cost you ₹35 and other snacks, too, are similarly priced.

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When are you heading down here to try this dynamic new samosa pav? Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

Where: Erandwane, Pune

When: Monday to Sunday, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Cost: ₹35 per samosa pav

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