Struggling To Find Uber, Ola On Bangalore Roads? This Is The Reason

by Shreya Ghosh
Struggling To Find Uber, Ola On Bangalore Roads? This Is The Reason

One thing very common about every Bangalorean is their complaints about the traffic and the struggles of finding any cab to commute. With time, the complaints are increasing because of almost immovable traffic and finding literally no cabs on time. Commuters are furious with all these inconveniences and they often post their experiences on social media platforms such as Twitter. Well, there are so many reasons behind these problems and shortages across Bangalore city.

This Is Why It Is Hard To Find Uber and Ola In Bangalore

The Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on the entire world and almost everything took an upside-down in between. While we were stuck inside our houses during the pandemic, the uber and ola drivers had no source of income. They had no options left to sustain their lives in a city like Bangalore and they had to shift to their hometowns. Most of them stayed back at their homes and did not return to the city anymore. And this is a major reason for the decrease in numbers of cabs on the roads post-pandemic. As everything is back to normal now, the office goers, students, and a lot of people, in general, are leaving their house every day. They are searching for cabs to travel comfortably and this is where the struggle to find a cab starts.

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The Drivers Are Facing Huge Issues

Many drivers bought cars pre-pandemic when they had a stable source of income. The cabs were easily available on the streets of Bangalore pre-pandemic. But since the Covid-19 virus hit the world, everything came to a halt and these drivers could not manage to earn and pay their due amounts and loans for buying the cars. As a result, their cars have been seized. There are work opportunities presently and these people have a source of income but the banks or the financiers are not agreeing to give them loans. Also, the fuel prices are increasing rapidly and with inflation, many are opting out of this business.

A Twitter user shared a horrible experience when an Ola driver with passengers was stopped in between by financiers to get back the loan from the driver. The passengers had to leave the car forcefully.

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Here’s how the netizens are reacting to all the inconveniences they are facing in Bangalore while booking cabs. The struggle is real and every commuter is facing a lot of trouble to commute comfortably.