Kamiya Jani’s Guide To Styling Curly Hair At Home

by Gizel Menezes
Kamiya Jani’s Guide To Styling Curly Hair At Home

Omg! Your curls are so pretty! Are they even real? Every curly-haired girl has heard this statement a zillion times. And while responding to that question each time makes us weary, what is most exhausting is maintaining them curls!

We at ‘Curly’ Tales obviously know that taking care of these curls is a huge task. So our Chief Travelling Officer (CTO) Kamiya Jani decided to share some quick tips as to how she manages to keep her curls up and bouncing!

5 Tips To Style Curly Hair At Home

1. The Right Haircut: If you want curls that look bouncy and fresh, getting the right haircut is important. Adding the right amount layers to your hair can enhance your curls and thereby your looks.

2. Once Dry, Do Not Comb Curly Hair: This is the most important secret for maintaining your curly mane. Never, and I repeat, never comb curly hair when it is dry. The only time to comb curly hair and untangle the knots is when you’re washing your hair or when you’re applying conditioner.

3. Use A Wide-Tooth Comb: The only comb a curly girl needs to possess is a wide-toothed one. Using a wide-toothed comb is the gentlest way to detangle curls as it does not damage the natural curl pattern of your hair as much as a normal brush would. Also, a quick reminder: Comb your hair only when it is wet!

4. Condition: Sure, your curly hair can make you look a lioness, from time-to-time. And while that is who you really are on the inside, a little bit of taming on the exterior won’t change much. Hence, conditioning curly hair is a must! Here’s how to go about it: After you wash your hair, towel-dry it very lightly and ensure that your hair is still wet. Then, take a dollop of leave-in conditioner in your palm (ensure that your hands are moist), rub both your palms slowly and gently run your fingers through your hair, leaving the conditioner to settle on your curls.

5. Curl/Scrunch: After you apply a generous amount of conditioner on your curls, the next step is to curl your hair physically or scrunch it. If you are among the ones whose hair turns extremely frizzy the next day after washing, curl your hair. Take a strand of hair and roll it around your finger. Do this to your entire mane and we’re sure your hair will remain frizz-free and curly till your next wash. Also, when you curl, do not forget the backside of your hair, which usually forms the crown, and gives you the extra bounce.

However, if you’re blessed with stubborn curls that do not go away the next day, you can always scrunch your hair! Make sure your hair is damp while doing this!

These were a few simple yet effective tips, to style your hair at home! We’re sure if you try these, you’re going to make heads turn with that gorgeous curly mane! So go on, try them and let us know!