Sunday Brunch Ep 10: Aditya Roy Kapur & Disha Patani Reveal Their Diet Plan & Love For Bambaiya Street Food

by Kamiya Jani
Sunday Brunch Ep 10: Aditya Roy Kapur & Disha Patani Reveal Their Diet Plan & Love For Bambaiya Street Food

Malang stars, the hyper fit, Aditya Roy Kapur and the beautiful Disha Patani, joined our Chief Editor, Kamiya Jani for a lavish Sunday Brunch. Over a delicious meal, the stars got talking about their views on travel, food, diet and gave us insights about their films. Read on to find out more about this Sunday Brunch laces with filminess, talent, delicious food and ofcourse oodles of good looks.

Kamiya Jani (KJ): Welcome to Sunday Brunch, this is a show where we usually eat a lot. But when I look at the two of you, I wonder do you even eat?

Aditya Roy Kapur (A): Well these days our situation when it comes to food is not that bad, as compared to the days we were shooting. During shooting, we really had to zip our mouths.

Disha Patani(D): We eat, ofcourse we eat. But we have to choose what to eat. That’s it.

KJ: So what’s your current diet like? 

D: Proteins, carbs, I guess. That’s it.

A: You can get some great tips from Disha, you just have to ask the right questions.

KJ: Do you share any dieting tips with each other? 

A: We have very different diets. I remember when we were shooting for the film, Disha was doing intermittent fasting for 18 hours, when we were shooting for 12 hours a day. She was also doing lots of strenuous things.

D: Aditya was on only 1500 calories a day. And that amount is actually nothing. I usually consume 1500 calories on a regular day. Especially for a guy like him who is tall, its nothing. Men should have more calories a day. I don’t know how he used to eat.

A: Ya, I can’t function if I’m hungry. So with intermittent fasting what happens is, you don’t eat your first meal till like 4. And if I don’t eat my mind doesn’t work. So 1500 calories, if you break up during the day, at least you get little bursts of energy, which works for me.

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KJ: Aditya, you’re a total Mumbai boy, if I’m right. You studied at a school in Colaba. So are you a total Mumbai boy? 

A: Absolutely! I have never even studied abroad. I have lived here all my life.

KJ: What do you like most about Mumbai? 

A: It’s funny to say because it’s just home. It’s a place that’s so close to me. There’s everything here, my family’s here, my friends are here and my work has always been here. It’s just home. I love local food and street food in Mumbai. Pani Puri, Dahi Batata Vada, Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Rolls, Anda Bhurji at Church Gate Station, and we also get our own version of Dosa here. You keep discovering new things and new places in Mumbai.

KJ: Disha, you are from Bareilly right, how has it been for you in Mumbai? Have you tried these street food delicacies?

D: Vada Pav was my fantasy when I came to Mumbai. I was like, I had to try this Vada Pav, as every Bollywood film you see this Vada Pav. When I tried this, I was expecting a little bit more, maybe its cause I didn’t try the chutney one. Later I had the chutney Vada Pav and I fell in love with it.

A: I’m thinking of Pav Bhaji with butter, maybe its cause its lunchtime and I’m feeling really hungry.

KJ: Disha, I want to know how was life in Bareilly. Is it different from Mumbai, do you miss it sometimes?

D: I’m used to Mumbai now. I like being busy now. Mumbai is such a fast city and you don’t have time to breathe or time to see anything. I did my schooling from Bareilly. It was fun. We had small joints to eat like old school chocolate pastries. I used to be on my scooty and go around and eat everything actually.

KJ: Is there something special to eat in Bareilly, like Vada Pav in Mumbai?

D: There’s lassi. Mithai is very nice, lassi is amazing. I have actually also stayed in Lucknow for a year. And Lucknow is also amazing. You should try the Tunday Kabab, there’s basket Chaat, it’s so tasty.

KJ: Disha, I believe, you were pursuing engineering before you became an actor. And your father is a DSP, and your sister is in the army, so how was it when you dropped the bomb and told them you want to become an actor or a model? 

D: I dropped out of engineering in the second year. My whole family is very academic, they were always studying and believe that you have to be someone and something. The thing is, while I was studying, I started modelling. I was in Lucknow, and I used to travel from there to Mumbai for a day or two. I used to get some jobs like TV commercials and used to also audition for a day and come back. Then I was in Noida because I wanted to get a transfer from Amity Lucknow to Amity Noida. So I was there, so I kind of got it, but then they kicked me out because I was running short of my attendance. We had a very strict rule in my college, about 75% attendance. We needed to have it. It was so strict to the point that I had to choose between going to college or modelling. Since I started making money, I felt I was independent and I was young and wanted to try this. My mother really pushed me and told me to do whatever I wanted. I was really surprised. She spoke to my father. But they were very supportive.

KJ: Do you use any of your education in your career now? 

D: I actually use it. I keep asking people questions on Science because I was a Science and Maths student. I keep asking people about mitochondria, nucleus, so I kind of use it as a game, but I really think it’s nice to have knowledge about a few things.

KJ: Aditya, is it true you wanted to be a cricketer? 

A: Ya, that was very early on, and I let go of that very early in life. I took my cricket very seriously. I used to go for practice early mornings for years. Then I wasn’t good at studies, so I had to go for plenty of tuitions and I didn’t have time for cricket anymore. I used to go from one tuition to another. Maths, Hindi, Marathi, name it and I had to go for tuitions. So I lost touch with cricket, unfortunately. In college, I got into other things.

KJ: You were a VJ right? 

A: I was a VJ for a very long time. I was a VJ for four years for Channel V. That was a very fun job. I really enjoyed it.

KJ: In the film Malang, you guys are doing a lot of adventure sports. But is that something you both enjoy as well in real life as well? 

D: I do enjoy it.

A: I enjoyed it. I haven’t done that many. But I enjoyed whatever we did in the film. We learnt new things and that’s one of the perks of the job You get to learn new things.

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KJ: How was skydiving? Was it fun?

D: It was not fun.

A: The way we did it, it wasn’t fun. That’s another story. But we did kite surfing.

D: Kite surfing was really hard but it was really fun. We were also very competitive. The launching of the kite is very hard, so we had to learn that. So we were like who can do it faster, who can do it first. So we were a little competitive there.

A: Disha is an absolute trooper. She enjoys the whole thing. She liked adventure, so its right up her alley.

KJ: Your movie, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani gives alot to travel inspiration to people, so Aditya, are you a traveller in real life? 

A: I am. I have done lots of travel alone. I enjoyed the backpacking way of doing things. It’s been a couple of years, I haven’t dusted off my backpack and gone on a trip alone. But I do enjoy travel alot.

KJ: What are your favourite travel destinations? 

A: Goa was always the place for me when I was in my teens and early twenties. I used to go there all the time. I did a crazy long trip to Hawaii. I was there for 2 months by myself. I was just staying in hostels and I learnt some windsurfing there. I would just go to the beach every day. I did some diving and lots of cool stuff. The people there have such different lives and they are so physically fit as they have so much to do there. I enjoyed that time.

KJ: What about you Disha? Do you enjoy travelling have you ever gone solo? 

D: No, not really. But whenever I used to go for shoots or anything, post pack up I would roam around on my own and explore the place. I do like travelling. I like the part of being there but I don’t like the journey basically. I recently went to Tokyo and it was really nice, it had beautiful places and beautiful people. I like beaches so I like Maldives alot.