New Supersonic Jet Will Take Half The Time Than Usual

by Dhruv Maniar
New Supersonic Jet Will Take Half The Time Than Usual

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Boom Supersonic will travel over twice the speed than a regular aircraft and is expected to come into service by mid-2020s.

What Is It?

The future of aviation is here. By mid-2020, you will soon be able to travel from Dubai to London in less than 4 hours or from Dubai to New York in less than 7 hours. Boom Technology is an American startup company who is designing a Mach 2.2 supersonic transport with 4,500 nmi of range, and is expected to be called Overture. The supersonic flight has finally got accepted by the regulators to make the technology. They are combining materials and technologies proven on other passenger aircraft into a breakthrough new design, giving passengers and airlines a revolutionary speedup. The aircraft is going to cruise at 60,000 feet with  55-seats per flight and will arrive in half the time than a regular aircraft. Wondering what it will cost? The fare will be similar to today’s business class seat for any traditional airline. 

Credits: Boom Supersonic

Flying Experience

The aircraft will have business-class interiors which will be designed for comfort, privacy, and productivity. You will not have to choose between a window or an aisle seat as each seat has a large, personal window and direct aisle access. Plus personal under-seat storage lockers will replace the overhead bins which will allow more headroom and easy access to luggage. 

Where will you fly first, when you can travel in half the time?