Surat’s Fruit Pizza Drowning In Cream Has Netizens Asking, “Yeh Kya Aur Kyu Ho Raha Hai?”

A street vendor in Surat prepared a fruit pizza and Netizens were impressed at all by it.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Surat’s Fruit Pizza Drowning In Cream Has Netizens Asking, “Yeh Kya Aur Kyu Ho Raha Hai?”

Trust Gujarat street vendors to come up with the wackiest of dishes sinking in a tsunami of butter, mayonnaise, cheese, soy sauce, chocolate sauce and cream. This time too, there’s a video doing rounds on the Internet where a Surat street vendor is seen preparing Fruit Pizza and drowning it in cream. Well, we can’t help but ask —Yeh kya ho raha hai aur kyun ho raha hai? ( What and why is this happening?)

Surat’s Fruit Pizza Video Has Vendor Adding Oodles Of Cream To A Plate Of Fruits


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A video shared by food vlogger, Amar Sirohi on his Insta page, @foodie_incarnate shows a Surat street food vendor preparing Fruit Pizza. The vendor cuts a watermelon into triangular pieces and uses it as a base. Next, he adds chaat masala on them and then tops them with kiwi, black grapes, pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit and mango.

A variety of dry fruits like almonds, raisins and cashews go on it. This is then followed by a generous amount of glucose powder and honey. What takes the cake is the insane amount of Amul cream which the vendor drowns the fruit bowl in. Priced at ₹280, this Fruit Pizza is touted to be a healthier version of the traditional pizza. However, the oodles of cream which went into the fruit bowl have us thinking otherwise.

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Netizens Are Unimpressed & Say It’s Just Fruit Chaat

Fruit Pizza

Netizens were far from impressed by this unique creation. Many described it to be nothing but fancy fruit salad or fruit chaat. One Instagrammer asked why the dish was called fruit pizza when it was actually fruit salad. Another wanted to know if it tasted good. Another Instagrammer urged people to stop adding salt, cream and glucose syrup to fruits.

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Reiterating that fruits are naturally rich in electrolytes, so there’s no need to add these items. Another comment read that adding cream and salt to fruits would reduce their health benefits. Instagrammer @jazzbulous sarcastically called fruits “masoom” ( innocent) and demanded they be left alone. @dev_savla12 joked about Italians crying in the corner. 

Would you ever dare to try this Fruit Pizza on your next trip to Surat?

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