Surinsar Lake In Jammu Has Been Revived And Is Now Open For Boating After 30 Years!

On your next trip to Jammu, make sure that you decide to include Surinsar Lake on your list, as it has opened for boating after 30 years. The Wildlife Department has given a nod to Tourism Department to operate passenger boats in the lake in order to facilitate more of touristy activities in the area.

What’s More?

Around three decades ago, boating had been banned in Mansal and Surinsar lakes. Both these spots have been extremely popular among tourist but due to lack of any kind of activity in the area, many people seemed to have lost interest. This resulted in a drop in tourism in the area, which also became a cause of concern.

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Passenger boats had started operating at Mansal lake in 2002, but the verdict on Surinsar, which is located 32 kms from Jammu, was still awaited. After the recent move, not only the people of Jammu have a reason to rejoice but also those who have planned trips to the beautiful destination.

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The Permissions Granted

It was reported that the Director of Jammu Tourism wrote many times to the Wildlife Department in order to initiate the process of starting boats in the lake. The Wildlife Department agreed to the possibility if the recommendations were adhered to. The committee has suggested that 6 tourist boats will be allowed to operate on the lake, which will be include 3 paddle and 3 rowing boats.

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Also specific area has been marked where the boats can ply. As per the suggestions, none of them will be allowed in the ecological vulnerable area and the parts that are used by migratory birds ad turtles for breeding. In order to keep the environment and ecology under control and a check, all these measures are being taken.

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Under the J&K Wildlife Protection Act, 1978, the boats will be allowed to operate on the lake till March 31, 2021. So, the next time you visit Jammu, make sure to add boating on your list of things-to-do. And if you have already been here, then, you have another reason to visit soon.

Kanika Sharma
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