These Winter Treks In North India Need To Be On The List Of Every Adventure Traveller

by Vidisha Khaitan 5364

A common mistake trekkers make is to rush adventure. Winter is not a short season in the hills. In fact, it is longer than summer. It lasts from November till March and snow piles all through. While summer is the season to chill out in the mountains to escape Delhi heat, winter is when the most beautiful views become available for shutterbugs. Nothing beats warm Maggi with the view of snow-capped peaks, except the view from those peaks. Be careful of Weather Warnings in Himachal Pradesh though!

1. Dayara Bugyal

This trek is perfect for beginners and families. It’s the emblem of low risk high returns because the views on this trek are easily achieved. The path is covered with white meadows in the winter. The snow truly makes this a one of a kind experience. Summer here feels like a completely different trek altogether. If Trekking Is The Only ‘High’ You Like, Here Are 10 Best Treks From Mumbai

Where: Taknaur Renge, Uttarakhand

Difficulty in winter: Easy-Moderate

Highest altitude: 11,978 ft

Duration: 6 days

Available in: November – March

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2. Brahmatal

This is famously known as one of the most beautiful treks in India. Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti proudly paint the skies at the top of this trek with the Roopkund trail laid below at bird’s eye view. Pro tip: skip this one in December because the crowds might hamper your experience. Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee At The World’s Highest Cafe In Nepal

Where: Uttarakhand

Difficulty in winter: Moderate

Highest altitude: 12,250 ft

Duration: 6 days

Available in: November – February

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3. Kedarkantha

This trek has major bucket list vibes. The thrilling summit climb comes after crossing fantastical campsites. The trail is always bustling with people. Go the OG way if you want to meet and bond with people who left everything behind for 6 days just like you. If some peace and quiet is what you’re looking for then check out new trails to old ways and take Kotgaon instead of Sankri. Kedarnath Temple Opens For Uttarakhand Pilgrims

Where: Singtur Range, Uttarakhand

Difficulty in winter: Moderate

Highest altitude: 12,500 ft

Duration: 6 days

Available in: October – April

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4. Har Ki Dun

This trek is shaped like a cradle! It’s on a hanging valley by the riverside for maximum awestruck aftertaste. People who have conquered this trek always think of it as their best living experience. It’s the perfect way to close the year and start the next. Escape Delhi into this challenge which we have to say requires physical strength and schedule flexibility due to snow. Uttarakhand To Have India’s First Snow Leopard Conservation Centre And Six City Forests.

Where: Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand

Difficulty in winter: Moderate

Highest altitude: 11,811 ft

Duration: 9 days

Available in: October – April

Image Credits: Aashvan Adventures

5. Kuari Pass

Pristine oak and deodar trees line the way dressed in white. This winter trek is extremely popular among trekkers. The view from the top ranges tall and wide. Adjacent peaks like Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Kamet, Hathi-Ghodi Parvat and Dronagiri grace climbers with their presence. The downward climb is just as rewarding with the view of India’s favourite ski trails in Auli. Uttarakhand’s Gorgeous Valley Of Flowers Now Open To Tourists.

Where: Uttarakhand

Difficulty in winter: Easy-Moderate

Highest altitude: 13,990 ft

Duration: 8 days

Available in: December – April

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6. The Sainj Valley Trek

This is the perfect getaway for adrenaline junkies. Your next summit is just a weekend away. Pine trees covered in snow makes this trek look like a scene from a movie. The path is split into clearings and grasslands, so you can dip your toe in different landscapes but in the winter all you’ll step on is magical white grains. Experience The World’s Deepest Aqua Trek Experience Now In Dubai

Where: Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Difficulty in winter: Easy-Moderate

Highest altitude: 6,890 ft

Duration: 2 days

Available in: January, February, March

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Image Credits: sainj valley adventures

7. Snow Leopard Trek

It’s all about sighting snow leopards on this tough trek. There are a few endangered species of birds and animals that pass through this trek too. Tibetan wolves, horned sheep, blue sheep and Eurasian Brown Bear are some of the animals that make this trek worthwhile. The rich Rumbak Valley is visible from viewing point on the way! Go Backpacking In Himachal And Live In A Camp For Rs 899 Only!

Where: Ladakh

Difficulty in winter: Moderate-Challenging

Highest altitude: 13,451 ft

Duration: 13 days

Available in: January – February

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8. Parashar Lake

This one is for the first timers and hiking groups. It’s a short trip with a huge payout. Guides and porters still wait at the beginning of the trail to guide families and youngsters. Dhauladhar mountain range proves to be a great before and after spot with Kangra and Dharamshala there. The Prashar Lake itself makes for a beautiful view. Prashar Lake: Mini Switzerland In Himachal Pradesh

Where: Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Difficulty in winter: Easy

Highest altitude: 8,860 ft

Duration: 1 day

Available in: December – February

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All kinds of treks and trails line up in winter for Delhi to flee the smog. Go on New Year’s Eve if you really want some alone time or avoid December crowds and pick another time. Snow lasts until April. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to commit to the wild!