Surprise Pinata Cake Take Over Internet; Smash The Cake To Unravel Goodies

by Sanjana Shenoy
Surprise Pinata Cake Take Over Internet; Smash The Cake To Unravel Goodies

We all love surprises, don’t we? The adrenaline rush we experience as we rip open the gift package is something else entirely. That is why pinatas were such a craze! You might remember them as Khoi Bags, but the concept of stuffing sweets inside a vessel that you would have to break while blindfolded has always been super exciting. Now, you can relive those beautiful experiences as you eat them. Confused? Well, Pinata cakes have taken over the internet. Here’s everything to know.

Pinata Cakes: The Smashing Surprise

Pinata cake is one of the latest food trends to go viral and for obvious reasons. This cake first surfaced on Instagram around Valentine’s day with a heart-shaped mould. Did you know that the hashtag #Pinatacake now has over 152k posts? A hard chocolate exterior covers these cakes, which packs interesting layers inside. The cake exterior can be shaped as per your wish, but the idea is to smash through it to get to the real cake. Thus, a small hammer or a similar implement usually accompanies the Pinata cake preparation to enable the smashing.

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Pinata Translates To Pot In Spanish

Some cakes pack goodies such as macaroons, chocolates, and cupcakes inside, which come as a sweet surprise! The word ‘Pinata’ comes from Spanish, which roughly translates to ‘Pot.’ Pinatas during birthday tradition can be traced back to North America, wherein vessels filled with candies and goodies would be hung from a height to be smashed while being blindfolded. The idea behind the Pinata cake is to make the cake-cutting process different and unique. It gives us the fun rush as people would be guessing what really is packed inside.

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If you’re curious to try cakes that pack a surprise, then here’s delectable, goodies filled cake from Sassy Spoon in Mumbai.