Tsunami Cake Is The Latest Viral Food Trend To Take The Internet By Storm

by Sanjana Shenoy
Tsunami Cake Is The Latest Viral Food Trend To Take The Internet By Storm

Viral food trends have lately taken the internet by storm. From Dalgona Coffee getting whipped in every other household. the smell of freshly baked Banana Bread leaving foodies salivating, to the super cute Cereal Pancakes putting a smile on everyone’s faces, it’s truly a season for delicious food. Now, the latest food trend to get eyeballs rolling is the Tsunami Cake or ‘Pull-Me-Up’ cake. This visually appealing cake trend has an element of surprise that goes beyond your expectation.

Tsunami Cake Gets Eye Balls Rolling On Social Media

If you want to join the bandwagon of Tsunami cakes, let’s tell you it’s a piece of cake! First, bake a cake just like you usually do. You can sandwich it with layers of buttercream frosting or ganache. When it comes to the presentation, here’s the fun bit. Instead of enveloping the cake on all sides with a smooth icing layer, just prepare the icing in a more liquidy form. Use cornstarch mixed with milk to get the consistency right for the perfect Tsunami cake icing.

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Liquid Icing & Plastic Wrapper Are Essentials For Perfect Tsunami Cakes

Next, wrap the cake on all sides with a layer or plastic cake wrap or acetate. This ensures that the liquid icing stays put. Make sure your plastic wrapping is taller than the cake itself. A tall plastic wrapping will give you enough room to pull it upwards during the big reveal. Finally, pour the liquid icing on top and watch it contained in a single layer on top of the fluffy cake. For your khulja sim sim moment,  set up your camera and just pull the plastic sheet upwards. And voila! The lip-smacking smooth liquid icing, will flow from the top all over the cake and gush over like the waters in a Tsunami.

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Picture Credits: dpradoscake/Instagram

Well, this is truly enchanting to watch. And with viral trends like the Starbucks cup-shaped cake and princes shaped cake with the liquid icing representing a flowing dress, you know you’re truly part of a Tsunami Cake Instagram Trend. Now, if you need a quick and easy to recipe to bake the basic cake for your Tsunami effect, then watch this video below. You can thank us later for this!