Surprise Your Bae With A Honeymoon To This Hottest Honeymoon Destination- Switzerland

by Aditi Singh
Surprise Your Bae With A Honeymoon To This Hottest Honeymoon Destination- Switzerland

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Switzerland has made it to the top as the honeymoon destination of the year 2018.

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What Is This

Stunning landscapes , food paradise and an adventure destination, this country has caught fancy of all the honeymoon goers. As per a research by Pinterest, this country has topped the chart as the honeymoon destination for the year. Certainly, not an exaggeration if it is known as the most romantic destination on earth. But Why? Lets give you a quick round up of why you should plan a Swiss honeymoon.
Planning early can get you some good deals on flight fares, and amazing stay deals through Airbnb. Gaze at the country’s unspoiled beauty of the Alps. It has the world’s best skiing slopes that no adventure lover can deny.

What’s In It

It’s world-class infrastructure and ultra luxurious resorts definitely calls for this once in a lifetime experience. Stroll through the beautiful cities of Zurich or Geneva built displaying a contemporary vibe that sets the mood right for long evening romantic walks . And it feels no less than walking down a popular art district.The country is also every foodie’s paradise- the land of fondue and chocolates.Increasingly known as an adventure destination, this place has everything from gorgeous hikes and camping sites to stunning lakes and paragliding. So, while you can be sipping on  freshly brewed coffee in the morning, you might as well be skydiving into the laps of Alps from some thousands of feet .Also, do make a quick stop at one of the smallest countries in the world- Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east . An Alpine country, Liechtenstein is mainly mountainous, making it a winter sport destination. It’s also known for its medieval castles besides alpine landscapes and the villages are linked by a network of trails.

So if marriage is on the cards guys, start planning your Swiss honeymoon now!