Sushi Restaurant In Japan Filed ₹67 Million Lawsuit Against A Boy For Licking Soy Sauce Bottle 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sushi Restaurant In Japan Filed ₹67 Million Lawsuit Against A Boy For Licking Soy Sauce Bottle 

Japan’s famous conveyor belt sushi restaurant Sushiro has filed a lawsuit worth $480,000 against a boy. The boy licked a soy bottle in one of its outlets and also touched other guest’s plates with his finger which was covered with his saliva. The video of this boy is going viral on the internet and his actions have caused a decline in the number of customers visiting the popular restaurant.

Sushi Restaurant In Japan Files Lawsuit

The boy who licked the soy sauce bottle is demanded to pay $480,000 in damages by Japan Sushi Chain, Sushiro. According to Akindo Sushiro, the incident caused a dramatic decline in the number of patrons in its restaurants. 

The complaint was filed on March 22 at the Osaka District Court by the chain’s owner, Akindo Sushiro, and its specifics were made public this month. The incident happened in the Gifu prefecture in January of this year when the boy and his friend  went to the eatery and performed this action. 

The company claimed that the video featuring the boy was uploaded on January 29 and ever since they have been facing a decline in customer footfall. (As per NDTV)

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Boy Expressed Regret

The lawsuit also claims that the footage led to a 16 billion yen decline in the market capitalization of the parent business of the sushi restaurant. 

Due to the event, which cost Akindo Sushiro 90 million yen in lost revenue, the company is among other things constructing plastic barriers at over 600 stores across the country.

The youngster asked the court to dismiss the complaint despite admitting to licking the objects and expressing regret. The child said that he and his friend who recorded the joke had no idea that the video would be given to a third party and become popular on social media.

The video by far has received 1.8 million views on Twitter. 

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