Swiggy Charges ₹53 For ₹28.57 Order; Netizens Respond To The Customer Saying, “Khud Jaake Le Aa”

Swiggy charged a delivery fee of almost twice the amount of the item's price.

by Shreya Ghosh
Swiggy Charges ₹53 For ₹28.57 Order; Netizens Respond To The Customer Saying, “Khud Jaake Le Aa”

Tell me you are lazy without telling me you are lazy! Well, a perfect example of this situation is how dependent we are on different delivery platforms. Be it to order something for ₹50, ₹500, or ₹5,000, we rely on online platforms a lot and wait for things to be delivered to our doorstep. In a similar incident, a Swiggy customer was charged a delivery fee of almost double the item’s cost.

Swiggy Charged A Delivery Fee Almost Twice The Product Price

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Pranav Mailarpawar (@Hyprocus) shared a screenshot of the total bill and the cost for different charges on the Swiggy app.

According to the screenshot shared by the X user, he placed an order for something that cost him ₹28.57. Well, the item total is not the focus here but the delivery fee added to deliver the order. Swiggy charged ₹53 for this order, only ₹4.14 less than twice the amount of the item total. The delivery fee mentioned here was for an address within 0.5 km.

Not only the delivery fee, but even the GST and Restaurant Charges were more than the item total. The charge was ₹38.97. Along with all these charges, the platform fee was ₹3. The overall bill amount that Pranav Mailarpawar was supposed to pay was ₹124. The difference between the sole item price and the total bill was actually quite striking.

Several charges stated on the screenshot and their amounts have surely grabbed the attention of different people. Shared last night, the X post has already garnered over 36K views with many responses from other X users.

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Netizens React To The X Post

Ever since Pranav Mailarpawar posted the screenshot of the Swiggy charges on the X platform, the users began sharing their views and opinions on the incident. Scrolling through the comments and reactions, it is clearly evident that there are mixed responses with different points of view. Many Netizens suggested this Swiggy customer simply walk to the restaurant and get the food from there. On the other hand, some are even surprised to see the difference in item total and overall bill.

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How will you react to this incident?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X (formerly Twitter)/ Pranav Mailarpawar (@Hyprocus)

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