Switch Off Lights For Earth Hour Today And Win A Delicious Free Pizza

by Yogita Chainani
Switch Off Lights For Earth Hour Today And Win A Delicious Free Pizza

Every year, the world goes into darkness for one hour to protect the environment. Well, it’s voluntary darkness which most of us follow during the Earth Hour. And this year, too, Earth Hour will take place between 8 30 to 9 30 PM today, March 27. And to encourage residents to take part in this initiative, Pizza Hut has launched a FREE pizza initiative. Hungry and excited already? Read on to know more about this initiative.

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Pizza Hut Has Launched An Initiative To Encourage People To Follow Earth Hour This Year

Well, if you switch off electricity and mobile data for an hour today, you win a Free pizza. Earth hour helps not only helps us understand the importance of energy conservation but also benefits the planet. Earth Hour started in Sydney in 2007, and since then, countries across the globe follow it every year to save the planet and protect the environment.

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Earth Hour Started In Sydney In 2007 And Since 180 Plus Countries Follow It

It is held every year on the last Saturday of March and more than 180 countries and territories, by switching off their lights to show support for planet Earth. So if you are looking forward to celebrating Earth Hour this year, and win a free pizza, then you can click on the link here. 

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With everything happening in the world, saving the planet is quite imperative. So if you are serious about taking part in the Earth hour this year, visit offlinehour. me where you’ll be prompted to switch off WiFi and/or cellular data in support of Earth Hour.