Tahir Raj Bhasin Worked At A Barista In Australia To Manage Expenses

by Suchismita Pal
Tahir Raj Bhasin Worked At A Barista In Australia To Manage Expenses

From Sunil Gavaskar in 83, the ferocious Walt in Mardaani and Shiv in Force 2 to Satyajeet in Loop Lapeta and Vikrant in Ye Kali Kali Ankhein, actor Tahir Raj Bhasin has impressed audiences with his versatile roles on screen. But did you know that he had first come to Mumbai to meet an AD friend in 2010? His friend was working on the sets of a movie near Versova. And on the very first day of landing in Mumbai, Tahir got the chance to see Amitabh Bacchan up and close on the sets. It seems like destiny was already calling him.

Tahir hails from a family of pilots and his parents were supportive of his decision of acting. Before getting into the field, Tahir pursued a Master’s Degree in Media from the University of Melbourne. In 2012, he started acting in short films and advertisements. His first official debut in Bollywood was with Yash Raj Films in Mardaani in the year 2014. For the stupendous portrayal of the antagonist Walt in the movie, Tahir bagged a Filmfare Award for best supporting actor and also Screen Award for the best negative role. From that point of time, Tahir had no turning back. Offers started pouring in and he nailed every role with perfection.

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Tahir Took Part Time Job As A Barista While Pursuing Master’s Degree In Australia

Speaking to Curly Tales, Tahir said that the three most prominent things he noticed about Mumbai are the local rickshaws, the insanely heavy monsoons of the city and the excitement of the people for the celebration of Ganpati festivals. Before coming to Mumbai, he had also worked in a production house in Delhi where he used to take vox pops of people. In Australia too, he used to get a work permit of 20 hours. He had utilised the time working in a cafe as a barista. That was when his love for coffee had started. “I had been holding coffee for someone and I know what it is like.”, said Tahir.

“I Look At The Struggling Phase As An Aspiring Phase”…

Tahir’s way of handling struggle is seeing the positive side of it. He stated that he considers the struggle phase as an aspiring phase. He added that certain things can be learned only during the down phase. Those things cannot be learned while someone is in the upper phase of their career.

Tahir’s Take On Delhi Food VS Mumbai Food

Tahir was born and brought up in Delhi. He said that when he had first come to Mumbai, he had missed Delhi food. He added that over a year he learned that Mumbai foods have seasonal values. Tahir said that bhajis in Mumbai are next-level delicious during monsoons. The sweetness of the nariyal pani during summer is a speciality, he added. Tahir said that in Mumbai, he also tried the regular Vada Pavs and Misal Pavs. The actor also said that Mumbai has a few restaurants now that serve scrumptious tandoori chicken, chole bhature and other Delhi specialities. He added that the banta soda drink was an alien concept in Mumbai. It is one drink that reminds the actor of his college days.

He Loves Japanese, Italian And Lebanese Dishes

Apart from street food, Tahir adores Japanese, Italian and Lebanese dishes. Also, he enjoyed some Mediterranean and Turkish specialities with our hosts Kamiya and Siddharth at Mumbai’s popular Middle Eastern Restaurant, Bayroute in Juhu.

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Tahir Loves To Travel Solo; Unveils A Hidden Fort Trek Destination In Mumbai

Speaking about travel, Tahir said that he loves taking solo trips whenever he gets breaks from his shooting schedules. He also unveiled a hidden trek destination in Mumbai, the 12th-century Takmak Fort. Lying in the picturesque Sahyadris, the fort trek involves a walk through the thick forest and a climb of up to 2000 feet. Tahir said that he prefers trekking over driving to the mountains.

Tahir said that his love for solo travelling started during his college days in Delhi. Back then, he used to take short trips from Delhi to nearby destinations like Agra and Jaipur. Also, he had embarked on a month-long solo trip in Eastern Europe. He said that portable speakers, water and a sanitiser are the essentials he needs to carry while on a road trip.

Dilli Ki Sardi VS Mumbai Ki Baarish!

When asked to choose between Delhi Ki Sardi and Mumbai ki Baarish, Tahir chose Delhi winters as it is more favourable for enjoying flavourful foods like piping hot kebabs.

In the concluding lines, Tahir said that work is in progress on the scripts of Ye Kali Kali Ankhein Season 2 and added that he is thrilled about the project.