Taimur Asks For Gulab Jamun In Hindi At Mumbai Airport, Internet Goes Aww! Watch

by Shreya Rathod
Taimur Asks For Gulab Jamun In Hindi At Mumbai Airport, Internet Goes Aww! Watch

Taimur Ali Khan is a popular face for the paparazzi for his cute looks. Moreover, his videos are making the Netizens go ‘aww’! Recently, there’s a video shared on a Reddit thread where you can see him asking for a gulab jamun! Now, who isn’t a fan of this sugary sweet? Everyone, including Taimur!

Taimur Asks For Gulab Jamun In Hindi!

At least the Pataudi kids can speak Hindi
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Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan, and Jehangir Ali Khan or Jeh are currently travelling in Europe with Kareena Kapoor. Recently, a video from earlier this year that shows Taimur with his parents at the airport has surfaced on Reddit. He is seen asking his father for gulab jamun, an Indian delicacy. Fans responded to the cute video, with some thanking him for speaking Hindi, in contrast to other famous children.

Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, and Taimur may be seen walking towards their car from the Mumbai airport exit gate in the video dated January 2023. Saif Ali Khan went alongside them as Kareena clutched Taimur’s hand and they were trailed by photographers as they left. Taimur, in the meantime, pointed at a nearby store and said, “I want gulab jamun.”

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Internet Reacts To The Heart-Warming Video

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The video shared on Reddit gained a lot of attention! The users were going “awww” watching him ask for a gulab jamun. Many even commented, ‘Please someone give him gulab jamun’. Another user was in awe of his adorable looks. Further, people were surprised to see him speak in Hindi.

A user wrote that they seem extremely relatable to ordinary Indian households. Just a daily scene of the kid asking for whatever he can look for and getting stern stares from his parents. And, we are sure that was the case for most of us!

Another user was curious about Taimur speaking Hindi fluently. He further pointed out that in spite of living outside of India, he speaks both Hindi and Punjabi fluently. But why is it that people living in India cannot speak fluent Hindi?

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Comment below and share your thoughts about Taimur’s video of asking for a gulab jamun. Also, tell us are you a fan of this sugary Indian dessert?

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