Taiwan May Remove Three-Day Quarantine For Tourists Arriving In Mid-October 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Taiwan May Remove Three-Day Quarantine For Tourists Arriving In Mid-October 

Taiwan might abandon its three-day quarantine rule for visitors around the middle of October. This news comes out as the number of covid cases eases in the island. Keeping this in mind and with a few more observations, they might open up to travel relaxation soon. As the economy struggles, the government has also been under pressure to allow travel. The island soon might move to reopen its borders to travellers, joining other holdouts in the region.

Taiwan May Remove Quarantine 

According to the Central Epidemic Command Center,  quarantining will still be required for new arrivals. They will now undergo a rapid-antigen test at the airport rather than a polymerase chain reaction test based on saliva. From September 29, the weekly arrivals cap will rise to 60,000 from 50,000, with intentions to increase it further to 150,000. The government will continue to assess the situation for another week. It intends to announce the softening two weeks prior to the scheduled implementation, so the new rules would go into effect around October 13. In addition, the tourist quarantine and the prohibition on tour groups will be lifted as part of the measures. 

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The Pressure To Open Up

The government has been under pressure to open up for tourists in a more liberal fashion. The reason being economic pressure from a declining worldwide market for electronics, soaring inflation, and increasing geopolitical pressure from mainland China. Taiwan had seen a sudden surge in the number of cases that led to restrictive travel but now as the pandemic eases, so will the rules. The island joins Japan, which is considering removing a daily tourist cap and enabling individual tourism by the end of next month.Hong Kong is also considering removing hotel quarantine rules soon. Taiwan resumed granting visa-free entrance to visitors from certain nations earlier this month.

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Once the new rules come into effect, you can plan your trip to Taiwan. Let us know how excited you are in the comments section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wkimedia Commons