Take A Trip Down To Mumbai’s Ancient Water Tank – Banganga

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Take A Trip Down To Mumbai’s Ancient Water Tank – Banganga

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Experience a day at Mumbai’s ancient water tank and watch life pass by at Banganga Water Tank.

What Is It?

Banganga Tank located in Mumbai’s one of the poshest areas, Malabar Hill boasts a requisite historic beauty and charm that reflects in its water and the heritage building it surrounds itself with. Mumbai is a city of contrasts where the rich and the poor, skyscrapers and heritage buildings rub shoulders with each other. Amidst all of this, stands this ancient water tank dating back to 1127 AD when it was originated.

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Image credits: bombay.afindia.org

What’s In It?

The place is a respite away from all the chaos of the urban life and Mumbai’s tall skyscrapers. A trip down to Banganga Water Tank will make transport you back in time. The tank was built in 1127 AD, by Lakshman Prabhu, a minister in the court of Silhara dynasty kings of Thane. It was re-built in 1715 AD, by Rama Kamnath. The tank is a rectangular structure that has water in it and is surrounded by small steps on all four sides and pillars on its periphery.

There’s even a Walkeshwar Temple adjacent to the tank and serves as a cultural hub as it also holds a culture and music festival in the month of February. 

According to the legendary tales and myths, Banganga also has story weaved around it. Legend has it that Ram and Lakshman were on their way to find Sita, they stopped here at the ashram of Rishi Gautam. To quench their thirst, Rama shot an arrow on the earth releasing Bhogawati or the underground Ganga. 

Admire the beauty of the tank, visit the temple and transport back in time, feed the ducks and soak in the good vibes in the middle of a city.

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Address: Banganga Tank, Malabar Hills, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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