Take A Ride In One Of The Most Uniquely Shaped Boats In The Country

by Kritika Kukreja

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The Coracle ride across the Tungabhadra river will be one of the most unique boat rides you’ve ever been on.

What Is It?

Experience the bowl-shaped boat ride across the Tungabhadra river near Hampi. The Coracle boat ride near Hampi is a must-try for all tourists. Row your way through sunny river sides, or pass through a cave and relax in there. The locals would row across the river to save time, but now its become a complete tourist experience.

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Each Coracle boat takes three days to make, and one boat can seat 6-8 persons at a time. One ride will be an hour long and it will take you past beautiful ruins, temples like the Kodandrama & more. This boat ride is everything you’ve dreamed of!

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Cost per person: ₹1000

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