Taking A Road Trip To Oman From UAE? From Visa To Cost & More, Here’s All About It

by Deeplata Garde
Taking A Road Trip To Oman From UAE? From Visa To Cost & More, Here’s All About It

Oman Tourism is gaining popularity and will grow more in the following years. All thanks to the Ministry of Tourism which has been making immense efforts to promote the country. So if you want to explore this beautiful country which is rich in both mountains and beaches, we can guide you. Well, there are some upcoming holidays to plan your trip but booking flight tickets could be expensive. So if you are from UAE, a road trip should be a more affordable option to Oman. Here are some important visa, documents and costs to check before hitting the road.

Here’s A Complete Guide For Emiratis Taking Road Trip To Oman

Oman UAE
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1. Visa

UAE Passport has once again retained one of the strongest positions, according to the Henley passport index. Hence there are certain countries that allow visa-free entry to Emiratis. Oman is one of them! So if you plan on residing in Oman for 14 or fewer days, then you are eligible for a visa on arrival. If you plan of visiting the country for more than the specified period then you have to apply for eVisa.

  1. 14 Days or less: Visa on arrival
  2. 14 days to 30 days: eVisa

2. Documents

You need just two important documents to apply for a visa to Oman if you are a UAE resident.

  1. Valid Emirates ID
  2. Passport with at least six months validity

3. Cost

The price for the visas depends on the span of time you plan to stay in the country.

  1. Visa on arrival fee: 5 OMR
  2. Exit fee: Dh35

If you are wondering about the exit fee, then let us tell you more about it. You must pay an exit charge of Dh35 at the UAE border crossing before you may go to Oman by car. The visa will then be given when the immigration office has stamped your passport.

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Motor Insurance For Your Car

Oman UAE
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Well, now that you are travelling by car you would need valid motor insurance. Check with your insurance company to see if Oman coverage is included in your policy before making a trip. You can buy coverage at the border if your existing auto insurance does not cover you to drive in Oman. ‘Orange Card’ is another name for Oman’s automobile insurance. Additionally available at the border is the “Orange Card.” This insurance would cost around Dh106.

All the aspects of your road trip from UAE to Oman are covered in this guide.

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