Tamil Nadu Might Start Selling Alcohol In Tetra Packs, Says Minister S Muthusamy

Tetra packs
by Shreya Ghosh

Have you heard about the announcement where the Tamil Nadu government stated about closing 500 liquor shops? Following this news, the government took another step in this aspect. Tamil Nadu’s Excise and Prohibition Minister S Muthusamy recently talked about the chances of using tetra packs while selling alcohol. Why has this decision been taken? Read to find out!

Tamil Nadu Government Might Consider Using Tetra Packs

Tetra packs

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S Muthusamy recently attended an event to inaugurate a Panchayat office in Bhavani. Following the inauguration, he interacted with the media and shared how the Tamil Nadu government might choose tetra packs for selling liquor across the state. He added how Puducherry and Karnataka are also following the same, according to a report by India Times. Some initial steps are being taken to introduce this new change in alcohol packaging. At the present moment, a group of people went to Puducherry and Karnataka to know further about these packaging methods.

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There are different kinds of problems with selling alcohol in normal glass bottles. These are leading to quite some issues and that’s why the Tamil Nadu government is planning to change the recent packaging. There are probable plans to introduce tetra packs.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Tamil Nadu Government Looking For A New Option?

Tetra packs

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We all know how glass bottles are brittle. S Muthusamy shared how the concerns of broken bottles can be reduced by launching tetra packs to the market. Also, these bottles are hazardous to our surroundings as well. Broken pieces of glass can be very harmful at times and lead to accidents. Well, this does not seem to be the only problem here. The usage of reusable bottles can be difficult as well. These kinds of bottles are not a great option as there can be a lack of proper hygiene maintenance and cleanliness.

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Though the work for the change has started already, there is no confirmation of replacing bottles with tetra packs. The final decision will be taken only after proper assessment.

Do you think that it is a good idea to replace bottles and sell alcohol in tetra packs?

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